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Applying for Unemployment

We are an online resource to help answer your questions, check eligibility and assist in applying for Unemployment. You will also be advised if you qualify for additional benefit programs and receive our benefit guide.

Indiana Unemployment

The Unemployment Insurance (UI) program was created to help individuals financially while they find a job.

In order to be eligible to receive UI benefits, individuals must comply with several requirements.


To be considered “eligible,” you must:

  • Have earned enough money in your base period.
  • Be unemployed through no fault of your own.
  • Be able, available and actively seeking full-time work.


You must also provide proper documentation. This includes:

  • Name
  • Address
  • ZIP code
  • Social Security number
  • Personal identification (i.e., driver’s license, photo ID, alien card)
  • Name, address and telephone number of your last employer
  • Dates worked at your last place of employment
  • The reason you are unemployed
  • Latest check stub from your most recent employer

Filing a Claim

You must file a UI claim as soon as you are unemployed or your working hours have been reduced.

You may apply for unemployment insurance benefits online by visiting: http://www.in.gov/.

If you do not have Internet access, you can apply at your local WorkOne. For locations, visit: http://www.in.gov/.

Within 10 days of filing, you will receive a wage transcript and benefits computation form. This document doesn’t determine qualification and doesn’t guarantee benefits. The statement will provide a possible weekly benefit amount and an overall maximum benefits amount for benefits. You will also receive a Determination of Eligibility by mail. If the letter states “no penalty” or “no disqualification,” that means you are eligible for benefits.

Continued Eligibility

You must file weekly vouchers after your initial application to request payment of UI benefits. Claims are based on a calendar week, beginning with Sunday and ending with Saturday, which is sometimes referred to as the Calendar Week End (CWE).

You can submit vouchers online, by visiting: http://www.in.gov/.

You must continue to submit a weekly voucher regardless of any current situations such as appeals, lack of information, etc. Also remember, you must serve a one-week waiting period before receiving benefits. You still need to submit a voucher for this week.

Interstate Claimants

If you have moved out of Indiana, you must report to an UI office in the state you reside to register for work and change your address.

Partial Benefits

You may qualify for partial benefits if your employer reduces your work hours to less than your regular full-time work week or if you take a part-time job and you earn less than your weekly benefit amount. For more information, call 1-800-891-6499 or 1-317-232-7560 (TDD).

What happens if I’m fired, laid off or if I quit?

You must report if you are fired, quit your job or refuse work to the Indiana Department of Workforce Development, so a determination of eligibility for UI benefits can be made.

When you file a claim, your employer will be mailed a “Notice of Filing” to verify the reason you have stated as to why you are no longer working. The Department will have the final say regarding your eligibility for benefits.

There is no penalty or reduction in Unemployment Insurance benefits if you are laid off.