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Applying for Unemployment

We are an online resource to help answer your questions, check eligibility and assist in applying for Unemployment. You will also be advised if you qualify for additional benefit programs and receive our benefit guide.

South Dakota Unemployment

Residents of South Dakota are just like any other proud person living in the United States. They want to work and achieve the American dream, but even people with the highest levels of aspiration end up applying for unemployment benefits when they fall on hard times. On this website you will find plenty of information on unemployment benefits claims in South Dakota. This can be anything from how to file the initial claim and claim your weeks after you have been approved for benefits, to what documents are required and what standards you must meet to continue receiving unemployment benefits. All of this information is vital to securing your unemployment claim and getting the maximum benefit amount you deserve.

Below are a few tips to remember for when you are ready to apply for unemployment and how to best fulfill your obligations to the program while you are receiving those benefits:

  • Always continue to look for work while on unemployment. You will be expected to report back to the South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation with the contact information on every job that you apply to and/or are interviewed for. Be sure to keep a log of this information for your records.

  • When you are ready to file a claim, have all of the necessary information and documentation ready to go. If you have to look for too many pieces of information to get started, then it is likely that you will have trouble completing your application. If you need to go back to finish some parts, whether over the phone, or online, you might need to start the process over. So prior preparation is preferable for all.

  • Be sure you meet the requirements before starting the process. Although there are always some exceptions to every rule, there are certain things that are typically not overridden. For example, if you were fired from your job for misconduct, then you will not qualify for unemployment. Check out our page on the requirements for receiving unemployment benefits to learn more.

  • Be sure to file your weekly certification once you are approved. (This is also often referred to as claiming your weeks.) This is a necessary thing to do so that you can receive your weekly benefit amount.

  • Keep all contact information for claiming your weeks handy. This is something you will need to do regularly. One week, you might decide to claim your weeks online, and the next you might chose to complete this task on the phone. There is no problem with that. So, it is in your best interest to save the contact information for both resources in one place so that you do not miss out on any benefits.

If you have any further questions regarding unemployment benefits in South Dakota, it is best for you to reach out to the South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation by calling 605-626-2452.