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Applying for Unemployment

We are an online resource to help answer your questions, check eligibility and assist in applying for Unemployment. You will also be advised if you qualify for additional benefit programs and receive our benefit guide.

Maine Unemployment Office


Mailing address for Unemployment Claim Centers:

Augusta Claim Center
97 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0097

Maine Unemployment Contact Information 

Bangor Claim Center
P.O. Box 450
Bangor, ME 04402-0450

Presque Isle Claim Center
P.O. Box 1088
Presque Isle, ME 04769-1088

Unemployment Compensation Bureau Director

47A State House Station

Augusta, ME 04333

Maine Department of Labor
54 State House Station
Augusta, Maine 04333

Special Programs Unit
47 State House Station
Augusta ME, 04333-0047


Maine Department of Labor: mdol@maine.gov


Unemployment Claims Center: 1-800-593-7660

*TTY/Relay for deaf and hard of hearing: Maine relay 711

Unemployment Compensation Bureau Director: 207-621-5100

Special Programs Unit: 207-621-5103

Maine Department of Labor: 207-623-7900

*TTY: Maine relay 711

Unemployment Tax: 207-621-5120

CareerCenter Hotline: 1-888-457-8883


Maine Department of Labor

45 Commerce Drive, Augusta, Maine

*For map, visit: http://www.maine.gov/.

SafetyWorks! Safety Training Facility

45 Commerce Drive

Augusta ME 04330

For local CareerCenter directory, visit: http://www.mainecareercenter.com/.