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Unemployment Rates In Washington

As of February 2014, the unemployment rate in Washington was 6.4 percent. This was just slightly below the national average of 6.7 percent. With this number, Washington is currently number 28 out of 51 states in the United States. This places it right in the middle of the pack, and still below the national average which shows a lot about how the entire country has come in regard to their unemployment rate. Less than a year ago, the national unemployment rate was much higher and Washington’s rate of unemployment has still continued to become lower and lower. At this point in time, Emergency Unemployment Compensation or EUC benefits are no longer necessary, whereas last year at this time, many people depended on them.

Washington Unemployment Rates Information

When it comes to individual counties in Washington, the top five counties with the lowest unemployment rates as of February 2014 were:

  • King – 5.2 percent

  • Snohomish – 6.0 percent

  • Asotin – 6.5 percent

  • San Juan – 7.0 percent

  • Island – 8.3 percent

On the other side of that coin, the top five counties with the highest rates of unemployment were:

  1. Franklin – 11.8 percent

  2. Gray’s Harbor – 12.3 percent

  3. Stevens – 12.3 percent

  4. Pend Oreille – 12.6 percent

  5. Ferry – 13.7 percent

For a full list of counties and their unemployment rates in Washington, you can visit the Employment Security Department website for Washington county statistics at: https://fortress.wa.gov/.