Job Placement / Staffing Agency

People who are in search of new employment can contact any staffing or job placement agency to help them find a temporary position or advance in their career. These job placement or staffing agencies help in placing the right people in the right employment positions, because they provide services to two different clients. On the one hand, they serve businesses that are searching for quality employees who will help their company become successful. On the other hand, staffing agencies serve people who are searching for new job opportunities that will help them develop into successful individuals. The process of getting both sides what they need begins with an analysis of the candidates who are searching for new jobs. After the analyzing process is over, the agencies create a profile for each potential employee, according to which, the candidate is placed in the most appropriate job position.


Awards for Best Job Placement and Staffing Agencies

The top staffing agencies win a Best of Staffing Award on a yearly basis. This award is given to the agency that shows a superior service quality. The process for selecting the winner for this award begins with an online survey which is sent to the staffing agency's clients. Afterwards, the survey responses are calculated and validated so that the winner of the Best of Staffing Award can be determined.

The following Best of Staffing awards exist:

  • Best of Staffing Talent Satisfaction
  • Best of Staffing Client Satisfaction
  • Best of Staffing Talent Satisfaction Diamond Award
  • Best of Staffing Client Satisfaction Diamond Award

The Best of Staffing Diamond Awards (both for talent and client satisfaction) are earned after winning the Best of Staffing Award for five consecutive years. Below, you can see ten agencies that won a Diamond Award:

  • ABR Employment Services
  • Delta Healthcare Providers – Staffing
  • Hire Dynamics
  • Kineticom, Inc.
  • Lofton Staffing Services
  • Medical Solutions
  • Resource Accounting
  • The BOSS Group
  • Staffing Solutions
  • ZeroChaos


Find Employment With the Help of the Agency

Contacting a job placement or staffing agency might be your best option for finding suitable employment. This agency will help you explore the possibilities according to the job you desire by collecting all the necessary information about the skills and strengths you possess and applying that information to available positions. By using these professional services, your chances of finding a job that features a positive work environment increase.  

Find Employees With the Help of the Agency

The job placement or staffing agencies not only offer candidates the opportunity to find their dream job, but they also offer help to employers who want to recruit new employees. Searching employers can offer both full-time and part-time contracts to new employees. To ensure a suitable match, staffing agencies study every candidate's profile before deciding which candidate is suitable for which job position. This limits efforts on the part of employers and gives them the chance to only meet the best candidates for their open positions.


Application Process at a Job Placement or Staffing Agency

The many leading global workforce solution companies provide a broad scope of job positions for every possible industry. Each of these job placement or staffing agencies have their own websites that allow you to apply for new employment. Some applications may take longer than others, depending on the company. However, depending on the kind of job you desire, you may have the chance to apply to several staffing agencies at the same time to increase your employment opportunities. Below, you will find several popular staffing agencies in the United States:

  • Kelly Services
  • Certified Employment Group
  • Placement Services USA, Inc.
  • Hire Success Staffing
  • Resource Employment Solutions is a privately owned website that is not owned or operated by any government agency.