Applying for Arizona Unemployment
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Arizona Unemployment

If you have recently become unemployed, it may be time to file an unemployment claim. Find out how unemployment can help you while you are on your quest to find a job.

Applying for unemployment insurance can be the best way of getting some sort of income while you are seeking a new form of employment. Becoming unemployed can be difficult and demanding on many unemployment insurance applicants. Especially if you have a family to look after. Numerous of employees are not aware of the multiple benefits that the State of Arizona has to help people who have recently become unemployed. 

Filing an unemployment claim in the State of Arizona is letting the state know that you are unemployed and need assistance. Although, it is a service that is open to everyone. Not everyone will be granted unemployment benefits because there are certain criteria’s that the applicant has to meet in order to qualify.

What is Unemployment in Arizona?

Unemployment benefits are the right an employee has to earn compensation while they are seeking another job. Immediately after being let go of from your job, be your employer you can file an unemployment claim. However, if the beneficiary was fired this would not be the case for them. In the state of Arizona being fired from your job does not qualify you for unemployment benefits. 

If you are hereby approved for unemployment compensation you will receive four percent of what your weekly salary used to be. This can go on for approximately 29 weeks in which you will be expected to be seeking employment on a daily basis. During this time period you will be required to do weekly unemployment claims. 
If the applicant cannot find any work or has any job perspective they can ask for an unemployment extension. An unemployment benefits extension can be granted to those that qualify and are approved. Once approved the beneficiary can receive an unemployment extension for up to 13 more weeks. 


About Unemployment Insurance in Arizona

Unemployment insurance is one of the benefits that comes with the unemployment program in Arizona. There are approximately 11 different unemployment insurance coverage programs that you can be eligible for. When the unemployment applicant fills out an unemployment application online or at one of the local offices they will be asked specific questions that will guide the State of Arizona to find the proper unemployment insurance benefits that the beneficiary qualifies for. 

Claiming Unemployment Insurance In Arizona  

Unemployment benefits are the right an employee has to earn compensation while they are seeking another job. Immediately after being let go of from your job you can file an unemployment claim. However, if the applicant was fired from their former job because of personal reasons, in the State of Arizona will not allow them to receive unemployment benefits.  

EDD (Employment Development Department) 

EDD is the department that helps unemployment benefits applicants to find a job. The department’s focal point is finding the unemployed individuals jobs that will showcase their main abilities. They will be able to job seek online or send out as many job applications as possible. Once you are approved for unemployment compensation you must go job seeking daily. The EDD unemployment department makes job seeking a little bit easier as it gives the applicants the proper tools that they need. To find out more information about the Unemployment system check out the sections below. 

Eligibility for Unemployment in the State of Arizona

The qualifications to be eligible to receive unemployment assistance may range from state to state. However, meeting the proper qualifications for unemployment in the state of Arizona is an initial step towards applying for unemployment assistance. Unemployment benefits serve the purpose of serving as a form of government assistance to those that have lost their job without it being their fault. It replaces your earnings while you are without employment. The unemployment program is paid through your formal employers taxes that have already been paid.  

Unemployment Application Process in Arizona

Once the unemployment applicant has figured out if they are eligible to apply for unemployment benefits in Arizona, the next step is to apply. When you file an unemployment claim and begin the application process, you are letting the state of Arizona you are no longer employed, The state of Arizona allows you to apply for unemployment benefits immediately after you have been laid off or if you meet the unemployment eligibility requirements. The beneficiary should file an unemployment claim as soon as they have been laid off of work because unemployment is not retroactive. What this means is until you do not file you will not receive any unemployment benefits. The sooner you apply the better it will be for you as you will be able to receive your unemployment benefits quickly after it has been approved.

Unemployment Benefits in Arizona 

The unemployment benefits program was intended to help those that are unemployed and need to have an income while they search for a new form of employment. In Arizona unemployment benefits may not be for everyone because not every unemployed individual will qualify for the program. In order to an applicant to qualify for unemployment benefits, the applicant must have been laid off by their employer not by fault. You also cannot have quit your job unless there was a large reason behind it. What this means is in order for you to receive unemployment benefits you must have not been fired or quit on your own. If this is the case, you may not be approved when you submit an unemployment application.

Unemployment Denied Process in Arizona

Finding out, you were denied unemployment benefits does not occur often. In the state of Arizona there is a very low percentage of applicants who have been denied their unemployment benefits. However, it could be the case with anyone. Unemployment benefits were established to help unemployed individuals in Arizona when they are no longer working but are actively searching for a new employment. In order for an applicant to receive unemployment compensation their former employer must have paid the state of Arizona unemployment taxes. 


Unemployment Extension in Arizona

Arizona unemployment extensions are only issued during times of high statewide unemployment. An unemployment benefits extension can help many people who are receiving unemployment benefits but are having a very hard time finding a job. Standard unemployment benefits are issued to eligible applicants for 29 weeks. In those 29 weeks, the unemployed individual must find a job. However, there are unemployment benefits extensions available to beneficiaries during certain circumstances. With these unemployment compensation extensions, you can receive 13 more weeks of unemployment benefits as you continue to search for employment. is a privately owned website that is not owned or operated by any government agency.