Learn About Kansas Unemployment Insurance

The state of Kansas extends unemployment insurance to residents who have recently lost their job as a means of providing economic stability while the unemployed residents seek out new employment. Not everyone will automatically be eligible to receive unemployment benefits.

Applicants are asked to submit an unemployment claim to determine whether or not they will be allowed to receive unemployment insurance. The information provided on the claim will help determine if an applicant has the required qualifications to receive unemployment insurance benefits.

The application process for unemployment insurance benefits may seem difficult at first, but fortunately, applicants can now apply for unemployment insurance coverage over the phone or online. In order to apply for unemployment benefits, the applicant must be willing and able to seek out work.

In order to receive unemployment insurance, it must be found that the applicant was terminated due to no fault of their own. The applicant’s employer will also be allowed to submit his or her own statement in regards to the applicant’s unemployment claim.

Applicants must continue to qualify for unemployment insurance coverage even after they’ve been approved to receive benefits by submitting their weekly unemployment claim and keeping a record of all submitted job applications. In the event that an applicant has his or her unemployment insurance denied, the applicant has the right to submit an unemployment denial appeal.

During the appeal process, a hearing will be held in front of a referee and the applicant can present their unemployment claim along with any evidence he or she may have of wrongful termination. An employer may also file an unemployment denial appeal if he or she does not agree with the outcome of a former employees unemployment claim.

If an unemployment denial appeal is denied a second time, then a secondary denial appeal can be claimed.

Learn About Kansas Unemployment Resources

Unemployment applicants who are approved to receive unemployment insurance aid will typically receive their benefits over a span of 26 weeks. In some cases, 26 weeks may not be enough time for the applicant to find new employment, in which case an unemployment insurance extension may be available.

Unemployment insurance extensions are only available during times when the nation is experiencing high rates of unemployment. If the state of Kansas is experiencing a period of high unemployment, then unemployment extensions may be available for a set amount of time and distributed on a case-by-case basis.

Unemployment insurance benefits are meant to be a temporary solution to Kansas residents who have lost their job, which is why beneficiaries are required to alert the unemployment department if they have found any part-time or full-time employment. In some cases, part-time unemployment insurance may be made available.

Always be honest about the information you provide on your unemployment claim. Providing false information or omitting required information can cause your unemployment insurance to be denied or you may even be charged with fraud.

What Are the Requirements to Get Unemployment in Kansas?

In order to apply for unemployment benefits in Kansas, one must meet the necessary qualifications for unemployment. Kansas supplies unemployed residents with temporary benefits to help them maintain economic stability while seeking out new forms of employment.

In order to understand who qualifies for unemployment, one must first understand Kansas’s list of qualifications for unemployment. In order to maintain eligibility for unemployment benefits, an applicant must have been terminated due to no fault of their own. Unemployment applicants must also maintain all other eligibility requirements throughout their claim process.

Applying for Unemployment in Kansas

Unemployed residents of Kansas may find themselves wondering, “How can I sign up for unemployment?” but the process is not as difficult as one may imagine. Today there are two primary options available when deciding where to apply for unemployment benefits in Kansas.

The first option is to file an online application for unemployment. Online unemployment application may make the process of filing your biweekly insurance claims much easier. A second option regarding where to sign up for unemployment is to file over the phone.

Claiming Unemployment Benefits in Kansas

Going through the process of claiming benefits for unemployment in Kansas is not as difficult as it may seem. The most important thing to remember is that the federal unemployment benefits program in Kansas was designed to help unemployed residents maintain financial stability while searching for a new means of employment.

Since the program is intended to be temporary, a typical unemployment benefits period lasts 26 weeks. In some cases, an applicant may be eligible to apply for an unemployment benefits extension.

What Happens if You are Denied Unemployment in Kansas?

Unfortunately, there are many cases in which an applicant will have their unemployment compensation benefits denied in Kansas. It only takes one disqualifying factor to get denied unemployment benefits, but a denial doesn’t mean you are entirely out of options.

If you have had your unemployment benefits denied in Kansas, you have the right to apply for an unemployment denial appeal.

Learn About Unemployment Extensions in Kansas

There are some cases in which an unemployment compensation extension may be deemed necessary. In Kansas, unemployment benefits are typically distributed over a span of 26 weeks.

However, considering that unemployment benefits were intended to last until the applicant finds new employment, there are few opportunities for unemployment benefits extension available for beneficiaries who are still seeking work. Not every applicant is eligible for an unemployment extension, and depending on the number of available jobs in Kansas, there may not even be a federal unemployment extension available.