Learn About Kentucky Unemployment Insurance

The state of Kentucky offers unemployment insurance as temporary economic relief for those who are currently seeking work. In order to be eligible to receive unemployment, an applicant must file an unemployment claim proving that he or she falls under the necessary qualification requirements. An applicant will only receive unemployment insurance coverage if the reason for their unemployment was due to no fault of their own.

Reasons an applicant may be found ineligible to receive unemployment include: willful misconduct, theft or destruction of company property, or being unable to perform necessary tasks as a result of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

There are some cases of voluntary employment resignation where an applicant may still be eligible to receive unemployment insurance. These reasons include: moving to a new location due to domestic violence, unsafe work conditions, incessant verbal or physical abuse from an employer or the illegal withholding of wages.

When an applicant files an unemployment claim, his or her employer will be notified and asked to attend a hearing or submit a formal testimony providing the reason why the applicant was terminated. It is the responsibility of the employer, not the applicant, to prove that the applicant was not a victim of wrongful termination.

In some cases, unemployment insurance coverage may be denied, in which case an applicant has the right to file an unemployment denial appeal. During the appeal process, a new unemployment claim will be reviewed by a different representative, and the prior unemployment application will not be taken into consideration. An unemployment denial appeal can be filed by both an applicant and an employer.

Learn About Kentucky Unemployment Resources

Unemployment insurance typically lasts a span of 26 weeks. However, during times when Kentucky is experiencing peak rates of unemployment, the state may make unemployment insurance extensions available. Unemployment extensions are typically offered in different tiers ranging from six to 20 weeks and will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

An applicant may only apply for unemployment extension benefits if he or she has already exhausted their previous unemployment benefits time limit. Extensions are not always available, and an applicant should first check with their unemployment counselor to see if they are eligible to receive one.

Who can get unemployment benefits in Kentucky?

Residents of Kentucky who would like to learn about how to qualify for unemployment should first familiarize themselves with the qualifications for unemployment. By understanding who qualifies for unemployment, applicants will be better prepared to file an unemployment claim.

The state of Kentucky requires that applicants are terminated due to objective business reasons in order to hold eligibility for unemployment benefits. The qualifications for unemployment are based on both the applicant’s reason for unemployment and their current ability to seek out new employment.

Applying for Unemployment in Kentucky

Unemployed residents of Kentucky may find themselves wondering “how can I sign up for unemployment?” Those seeking unemployment benefits will be pleased to know that there are multiple options on where to sign up for unemployment. Applicants can now choose to file an online application for unemployment, or they can take the more traditional route of applying over the phone.

Claiming Unemployment Benefits in Kentucky

The process of claiming unemployment benefits is designed to help those who are actively seeking work.

Being that unemployment benefits are designed to be a temporary form of aid, most applicants will only claim unemployment benefits for a total of 26 weeks. However, in some instances, unemployment benefits extension can be granted for those who need extra time.

Appealing Unemployment Denials in Kentucky

In the state of Kentucky, there are some cases in which an applicant may have their unemployment benefits denied. Many pieces of information are submitted and reviewed throughout the claim process, and if any one of the documents proves unemployment ineligibility the applicant will likely have his or her unemployment compensation benefits denied.

The good news is that applicants who do have their unemployment benefits denied are able to file an unemployment denial appeal in which they can resubmit a claim for consideration.

Learn About Unemployment Extensions in Kentucky

In the state of Kentucky, there are specific cases in which an unemployment compensation extension may be made available for individuals who need more than the initial 26 weeks of benefits. Extensions are set into effect when the state’s unemployment rate reaches peak levels, leaving many applicants wondering how to get an unemployment extension.

Much like the initial claim process, there are specific requirements an applicant must meet in order to be eligible to receive a federal unemployment extension.