Learn How To Apply For Unemployment Claims With Our Guide

Learn How To Apply For Unemployment Claims With Our Guide

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To apply for unemployment benefits in Delaware, there is more than one option at your disposal. Therefore, if you have questions like “How can I sign up for unemployment?” or you simply are not sure where to sign up for unemployment benefits, all you need to do is look at the information presented below.

For more details on the features of the Delaware unemployment application process, continue reading the sections below.

Delaware Unemployment Resources

Where to Register for Unemployment Benefits in Delaware

If your main issue is finding out where to apply for unemployment insurance, you can simply visit your nearest unemployment insurance claims office. Another primary way to apply is by filing an online application for unemployment insurance benefits through the state’s digital portal. These options cover both new and re-opened claims for unemployment insurance.

You may use the online option if you:

  • Are an unemployed Delaware worker.
  • Have reduced hours.
  • Have only worked in Delaware during the preceding 18 months.

However, you may not use the online option if you:

  • Are filing a partial claim through the use of partial/low slips provided by your employer.
  • Are filing against a former military employer.
  • Are filing against a former federal civilian employer.
  • Are not a United States citizen.
  • Were employed in another state for the preceding 18 months.
  • Are residing outside the U.S.
  • Are filing for extended benefits such as EUC (Emergency Unemployment Compensation) or EB (Extended Benefits).

You must file for an unemployment claim in person at your nearest unemployment insurance office if any of these exceptions apply to you.

Documents Needed to File for Unemployment in Delaware

If you need to apply for unemployment benefits in DE in person at your local unemployment insurance office, you will need to bring one of the following combinations of documents:

  1. Social Security card and driver’s license (from any state)
  2. Social Security card and non-driver picture identification from the Department of Motor Vehicles (from any state)
  3. Social Security card and passport
  4. Social Security card and military identification
  5. Social Security card and INS Identification
  6. Driver’s license or passport and any official document with your full Social Security Number listed on it (W-2 form, pay stub, tax document, etc.)
  7. Non-driver picture identification or passport and any official document with your full Social Security Number listed on it

When you submit an unemployment application, you will also need to provide your employment information for the last 24 months, including employer names, addresses, and dates of employment.

Filing an unemployment claim in DE requires additional documentation for certain categories of employment. Those receiving severance pay need to provide severance documentation. Also, federal civilian employees need to have their SF-8 and SF-50 forms when filing.

Furthermore, military personnel need their DD-214, Member 4 forms, and recent LES pay stubs when filing.

Your identification will be swiped through a document authenticator. If any of the documents fail, your unemployment insurance claim will be taken but labeled as “pending” until such time as you produce an acceptable document combination that passes the swipe test.

It is important to note that you must return within three business days to protect your claim date. If you do not, this will result in an updated claim date or you may have to file another unemployment insurance claim.

Regarding how to apply for unemployment online, while you will not have to submit physical documents, you will still need to provide the following items:

  1. Your Social Security Number
  2. The names, addresses and phone numbers of all your employers over the last 18 months
  3. The name and number of your union hall, if applicable
  4. A telephone number where you can be reached
  5. A state-issued driver’s license number

Completing the Delaware Unemployment Registration Process

When filing for unemployment registration online, pay very close attention to all statements that you are required to “agree” to. Once you file for unemployment in DE, you will know your claim was successfully processed when you receive a confirmation number, which is used to track your claim. If you do not receive this number, your claim has not been processed.

Record your confirmation number or print the confirmation screen for your records, as you may need to provide the number if any questions arise regarding your claim.

For all Delaware claimants, file for an unemployment claim as soon as you become unemployed or your hours are reduced. The effective date of your unemployment claim is the Sunday of the week in which you apply for unemployment insurance.

Within a few days of filing, you will receive a letter requesting that you complete a form and send copies of your particular paperwork to the Delaware Department of Labor’s Division of Unemployment Insurance.

You must also register with the Division of Employment and Training (DET) within three business days of filing your claim, and you are required to keep this registration active while collecting unemployment insurance benefits.