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What documents do I Need to file an unemployment claim in Hawaii

You must gather all necessary documents and information to not delay the Unemployment Insurance (UI) filing process.

To file a UI claim, you will need:

  • Social Security number

  • Alien registration number (if not a U.S. citizen)

  • DD214 member 4 copy (if former military)

  • SF8, SF50 or paystubs (if former federal employee)

  • You also need to provide information from your former employer(s) for the past 18 months.

    Please include:

    • Name

    • Address

    • ZIP code

    • Phone number

    • Dates of employment

    • Reason for separation

    Aside from the proper documentation, you need to meet all eligibility requirements.

    You are considered “eligible” when you are:

    • Unemployed.
    • Able to work.
    • Available for work.
    • Actively searching for work.

    All individuals must also meet these conditions:

    • You must have been paid wages for insured work in at least two quarters in your base period.
    • You must have worked and been paid wages for insured work during your base period of at least 26 times your weekly benefit amount.
    • If you are applying for a new claim immediately after a prior claim expires, then you must also have worked after the start of your prior benefit year and been paid wages for insured work of at least five times the weekly benefit amount on your new claim.

    You may be eligible if you work part-time or work less than your full-time hours and earn less than your Weekly Benefit Amount (WBA).


    It is against the law to omit or misrepresent facts and/or documents to qualify for Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefit payments. Individuals who commit fraud are subject to serious penalties.

    Some penalties include:

    • Repaying UI benefits collected, plus penalties
    • Prosecution
    • Jail or prison sentences
    • Garnishment of future wages
    • Forfeiting future income tax refunds
    • Losing eligibility to receive UI benefits in the future
    • Liens filed against property

    To report fraud, call 808-586-8947.

    Taxable Income

    Unemployment compensation benefits are considered taxable income.

    You may elect to have taxes withheld from UI benefits payable to you in the amount of 10 percent of your weekly benefit amount for federal taxes and five percent of your weekly benefit amount for Hawaii state taxes.

    The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will mail a 1099-G form every year, reporting the amount of benefits paid and the amount of tax withheld during the previous calendar year.

    If you have any questions regarding federal taxes, contact the IRS at 1-800-829-1040.

    If you have any questions about your state taxes, contact the Department of Taxation, Taxpayer Services Branch at taxpayer.services@hawaii.gov

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