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Learn How To Apply For Unemployment Claims With Our Guide

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Unemployment insurance eligibility in the state of Indiana is determined by a set of requirements. Both receiving initial eligibility for unemployment and maintaining eligibility after you have been approved to receive unemployment benefits are determined by these regulations.

The unemployment eligibility requirements involve examining how you were separated from your job, your ability and availability to work, your continued job search efforts, and your willingness to accept a job for which you are reasonably qualified.

We have compiled helpful information, hints, and tips about qualifying for unemployment benefits in Indiana on this website and FAQs and our free guide. Read more below to learn about who can qualify for unemployment in Indiana.

Qualifications for Unemployment in Indiana

Qualifications for unemployment in Indiana is first determined by how the applicant became separated from his or her job. A claimant may be eligible for unemployment insurance if he or she lost a job through no fault of their own. Quitting a job without “good cause,” such as abuse in the workplace or being fired from a job due to misconduct will disqualify an applicant from receiving unemployment insurance eligibility.

Unemployment applicants can voluntarily leave their job and still maintain eligibility for EDD if they quit for one of the following reasons: the employer arbitrarily and unreasonably changes the terms or conditions of work, sexual violations or harassment in the workplace, having to move due to domestic violence, enlisting in military service, and the need to accompany a spouse who has accepted a new job elsewhere.

Eligibility for unemployment in Indiana will not be granted to individuals who were fired by their employer for just cause. An employee can be terminated with just cause if he or she: gives false information on a job application, knowingly breaks an employer’s rules, fails to report to work on time, purposely damages the employer’s property, refuses to obey employer instructions, reports to work under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, engages in conduct that threatens the safety of others, and is convicted or imprisoned for a serious crime.

After an unemployed applicant files their initial claim, he or she will have to endure a one-week “waiting period” before being considered eligible for EDD unemployment in IN. Unemployed residents should file their unemployment claim as soon as they become unemployed because no payments will be granted for the weeks before the application was sent.

Maintaining Eligibility for Unemployment in Indiana

Unemployed residents wondering how to qualify for unemployment in Indiana should know that they are required to be able, willing, and available to work, as well as actively seeking employment in IN.

Unemployment insurance eligibility is not granted to workers who:

  • Work on an on-call and as-needed basis.
  • Are employed at a business for a short-term assignment.
  • Volunteer for a temporary layoff or reduction in hours.
  • Are granted seasonal status (business operates less than 26 weeks a year).
  • Accept payment in exchange for voluntarily resigning or retiring.

Eligibility for unemployment can also be revoked if the unemployment beneficiary refuses to accept an offer for “suitable work.” A job is considered suitable in Indiana if it matches the unemployment beneficiary’s skillset and provides decent pay for a job in that particular field.

During weeks 5 to 8 of receiving UI benefits, the unemployment applicant must accept work that pays at least 90 percent of their previous wage. After eight weeks of collecting benefits, beneficiaries must accept work that pays at least 80 percent of their previous wage.

Eligibility for EDD will not be granted until the unemployed worker registers with Indiana’s job matching service online within 10 days of filing their claim. It is also recommended that unemployed workers make their resumes available online for employers to view.

UI beneficiaries must also apply for at least three jobs a week and keep a record of their work searches that can be made available upon request. Work searches can include: registering with a union hall, private employment agency, and school placement facilities as well as attending job search seminars and job fairs.

Eligibility for EDD Indiana Earning Requirement

Unemployment insurance eligibility also requires that the former employee has total wage credits during their “base period” that are equal to at least one and one-half times their highest quarter wages. Unemployment beneficiaries must also have base period wages totaling at least $4,200, with $2,500 of those wages earned in the last six months of the base period.

Last Updated: February 28, 2023