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Being wrongfully terminated can affect fired employees’ financial and career-related goals. Employees wrongfully fired from jobs have legal options to seek justice. Wrongful dismissal is illegal and reparations from the former employer are available through the proper authorities.

Finding out exactly what is a wrongful termination is helpful for employees attempting to identify whether their situation calls for legal action. Employees who suspect wrongful termination in Wyoming should research employment laws to verify eligibility and pinpoint a cause of action.

Wrongfully fired employees may also seek justice by asking for a reversal of the dismissal or a change in policy within the company. Employees wrongfully terminated from jobs will need to follow specific legal steps to pursue a case.

To learn more about unlawful termination and employees’ legal options in the courtroom, review the following sections:

  • Types Of Illegal Termination in Wyoming
  • Types Of Legal Termination in Wyoming
  • At-Will Employment Exceptions in Wyoming
  • Filing a Discrimination Charge With The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in Wyoming
  • Filing a Lawsuit Against Your Employer in Wyoming

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Types of Illegal Termination in Wyoming

When employers use types of unlawful terminations from employment to dismiss an employee, they violate federal or state employment laws. Some of these types of illegal termination of employment in Wyoming occur when an employer discriminates against an employee for age, gender, religion, ethnicity or nationality. Another discriminatory type of unlawful termination in WY is the firing of a worker based on veteran status or disability.

Other types of illegal dismissal of employment happen when an employer terminates an employee because the worker filed a legal claim against the company or is receiving benefits, such as worker’s compensation. These types of illegal terminations in Wyoming are against federal and state law that protects workers from discriminatory or retaliatory actions from employers.

If an employer uses one of these types of illegal firing, the employee has a cause of action to pursue a lawsuit and compensation.

Types of Legal Termination in Wyoming

An employer may claim legal reasons for terminating employees in Wyoming, which means they did not violate an employment law in the employee’s dismissal. These types of legal termination of employment include dismissing a worker because of deteriorating job performance or at the end of the employee’s contract.

Furthermore, types of legal dismissal of employment may also be due to the closing of a business or due to company layoffs. Employees who experience these types of legal termination in Wyoming may still feel the damaging financial and professional effects of being let go.

However, since these types of legal firing do not break any laws, these terminated workers do not have the grounds to pursue legal action against the former employer.

At-Will Employment Exceptions in Wyoming

Is Wyoming an at will state? While there are exceptions to at-will employment, Wyoming observes the at-will employment law. At will employment exceptions in Wyoming clarify the at-will employment law.

What is employment at will? The at-will employment law verifies that the relationship between a worker and employer is at-will and either party can terminate the working relationship at any time for any lawful reason. There are three exceptions to at-will employment include:

  • The implied-contract exception – only allowing the firing of an employee when there is no active contract in place.
  • The public-policy exception – making it illegal for an employer to fire a worker if it violates a public policy.
  • The covenant of good faith and fair dealing exception – declaring that all employers treat their employees fairly and with good intentions.

Note: All three at will employment exceptions in Wyoming are recognized and observed by the state.

Filing a Discrimination Charge With the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in Wyoming

To file a wrongful termination discrimination charge, you will need to submit claim details to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) by phone, mail or online within 180 days of the incident. When the process for how to file an EEOC employment discrimination charge starts, the agency will contact you and your former employer for more information and to investigate the claim.

When researching how to file a charge of employment discrimination, you will find that there are different possibilities for the outcome of your claim. After filing a charge of discrimination in Wyoming with the EEOC successfully, the agency will either attempt to settle the claim or reject your claim due to lack of evidence or missing the filing deadline.

The EEOC may suggest a mediation program so that you and your former employer can settle the case in approximately three months. The EEOC may attempt a voluntary settlement on your behalf with your previous employer.

The EEOC may grant you the Notice of Right to Sue your former employer in a court of law if neither mediation nor a voluntary settlement is successful. You must file a wrongful termination discrimination charge and receive the Notice of Right to Sue by the EEOC before you attempt to file a lawsuit against your previous employer.

Filing a Lawsuit Against Your Employer in Wyoming

If you are questioning, “Can I file a lawsuit for wrongful termination against my previous employer?” you should first start researching employment laws and gathering evidence. When you file a lawsuit against your employer in Wyoming, you are responsible for explaining your illegal firing through this evidence, which may include testimonials from co-workers or documentation of interactions. To file a lawsuit against employers for wrongful termination and experience a successful outcome, you should organize detailed evidence to explain your cause of action plainly.

Suing for wrongful termination in Wyoming also requires tactical legal arguments and a fair compensation demand. The process for how to file a wrongful termination lawsuit can be arduous and unproductive without the help of an attorney. When filing a wrongful termination claim against employers, most wrongfully fired workers hire an experienced lawyer to help them prove their case.

Last Updated: October 18, 2022