Learn How To Apply For Unemployment Claims With Our Guide

Learn How To Apply For Unemployment Claims With Our Guide

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Learning about how to claim unemployment benefits in Alaska can be helpful if you are recently unemployed through no fault of your own. Federal unemployment benefits programs in AK were set up to help qualified residents to maintain economic stability while seeking out new employment.

We have compiled helpful information, hints, and tips about claiming unemployment benefits in Alaska on this website and FAQs and our free guide. Learn more about unemployment benefits in Alaska by reading below, checking out our Alaska FAQs, and reading our free guide.

Learn About Filing a Claim in Alaska

To claim unemployment benefits in Alaska, you must meet all eligibility requirements. A couple of these requirements concern the reason for your unemployment and your current ability to take on full-time work.

To be eligible to file an unemployment benefits claim, you typically must have been terminated from your previous job due to no fault of your own. Your employer will be asked to confirm this or provide proof concerning why he or she believes your claim for unemployment is unfounded.

There are many reasons as to why an applicant may not be eligible for federal unemployment benefits. These reasons include:

  • Misconduct in the workplace, or not following the rules and regulations set in place by the employer.
  • Illegal activity, such as theft or sexual harassment within the workplace.
  • Incarceration occurring during the work period.
  • Drug or alcohol abuse during work hours, which prevents the employee from being able to fully perform his or her job.
  • Lack of interest regarding the needs of the employer.

Applicants may file an unemployment benefits claim appeal if their original application for benefits is denied. In some cases, you may still receive federal unemployment benefits in Alaska, even if you willingly quit your job, so long as your reason for doing so is acceptable.

For instance, you may still claim unemployment benefits in AK if you were:

  • The subject of any type of excessive verbal, physical or mental abuse
  • Forced to work in unsafe work conditions
  • Forced to work outside of agreed-upon hours without receiving fair wages.

Once you have verified that you meet the eligibility requirements to claim Alaska unemployment benefits, you can then decide whether you wish to file your application online or over the phone. The online application may be the more convenient option, as the digital system is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

How Long You May Receive Benefits in Alaska

The average benefits payment period lasts 26 weeks, but some individuals may be eligible to receive an unemployment benefits extension if needed. To continue claiming benefits for unemployment, there are various qualifications that the applicant must maintain. The most important requirement of the state is to continue searching for a new job.

To claim unemployment benefits in Alaska, applicants must prove that their job search is ongoing by keeping a record, including the name of each employer, his or her contact information and the means by which each employer was contacted.

UI petitioners must also be able to take on any full-time work that is presented to them. If an offer of work is presented to the applicant, Alaska state law requires that he or she must accept it if it is within his or her expertise and training.

However, there are some circumstances in which the applicant may be excused from these requirements, such as if he or she moves or is dealing with a family sickness/injury or a personal temporary injury.

Note: Petitioners who provide false information on an unemployment benefits claim will be charged with a federal crime, as the state of Alaska takes unemployment fraud very seriously.

Learn About Alaska Unemployment Benefits

In the state of Alaska, your federal unemployment benefits for the week can range from $56 to a maximum of $370 per week. The final amount of your weekly benefit will be determined by the amount of money you earned prior to being terminated.

The period taken into consideration for your unemployment claim is known as the base period and consists of the first four of the last five completed calendar quarters before you applied for UI benefits.

Last Updated: February 28, 2023