California Unemployment Rates Information

Unemployment Rates In California

The unemployment rate in the state of California as of December 2013 is 8.3 percent. The national unemployment rate is 6.7 percent.

See how the unemployment rate has changed, in comparison to the national unemployment rate, in the latest statistics:

California Unemployment Rate

  • December 2013 (Prelim): 8.3 percent
  • November 2013 (Revised): 8.5 percent
  • December 2012: 9.8 percent

The state’s unemployment rate fell by 0.2 percentage points to 8.3 percent.


United States Unemployment Rate

  • December 2013 (Prelim): 6.7 percent
  • November 2013 (Revised): 7.0 percent
  • December 2012: 7.8 percent

The U.S. unemployment rate was 6.7 percent and California’s was 1.6 percentage points higher than the national rate in December 2013.

The population of California as of December is 29,831 people.

The California Labor Force (December 2013):

  • Civilian Labor Force: 18,568.2
  • Civilian Employment: 17,036.1
  • Civilian Unemployment: 1,532.1

*Data in thousands, seasonally adjusted.

Top 5 largest CA employment industries (December 2013):

  • Total Nonfarm: 14,767.8
  • Trade, Transportation and Utilities: 2,805.7
  • Government: 2,353.1
  • Professional and Business Services: 2,326.6
  • Educational and Health Services: 1,934.5

*Data in thousands, seasonally adjusted.

Top 5 smallest CA employment industries (December 2013):

  • Total Farm: 410.5
  • Information: 439.7
  • Construction: 632.1
  • Manufacturing: 1,251.5
  • Leisure and Hospitality: 1,696.3

*Data in thousands, seasonally adjusted.

California added 13,600 jobs in December 2013. The largest job gains were in professional and business services; leisure and hospitality; trade, transportation and utilities; and educational and health services; while manufacturing and other services had the largest month-over job losses the past December.

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