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Learn How To Apply For Unemployment Claims With Our Guide

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Individuals seeking to claim unemployment benefits in Colorado may have questions regarding their unemployment benefits claim. Most applicants want to know how to claim unemployment benefits, how long they will be able to continue claiming benefits for unemployment and how much aid they will be able to receive. Factors such as eligibility requirements, reason for unemployment, and unemployment benefits extensions are taken into consideration when calculating an applicant’s benefits.

If you are interested in learning more about your federal unemployment benefits, review the following sections:

  • How to claim unemployment benefits in Colorado
  • How much can you expect to receive in federal unemployment benefits in Colorado

How to Claim Unemployment Benefits in Colorado

Colorado residents hoping to claim unemployment benefits should have a basic understanding of the state’s eligibility requirements. Most of the requirements to claim unemployment benefits involve determining whether or not an applicant is willing and able to seek out full-or-part-time employment. It is also required that the applicant who is seeking out federal unemployment benefits has become unemployed due to no fault of his or her own. During the initial unemployment benefits claim, the applicant’s former employer will be notified and asked to submit a written or verbal testimony confirming the reason why the applicant was terminated. In the event that either the applicant or the employer does not agree with the final result of the unemployment benefits claim, they both have the right to file an unemployment denial appeal.

Keep in mind that the following reasons for unemployment would prevent the applicant from claiming benefits for unemployment in Colorado:

  • Willful or blatant disregard for your employer’s interest.
  • Being terminated due to repeated misconduct or going against work place rules and standards.
  • Being unable to perform work duties do to drug and/or alcohol use during work hours.
  • Theft or property damage exceeding a value of $25

In addition to the above requirements, an applicant must pass a second series of qualifications concerning their ability to work in order to be able to claim unemployment benefits. The additional unemployment eligibility requirements stipulate that the applicant:

  • Must be physically and mentally able to pursue work at the time of filing their claim.
  • Must be actively seeking out employment and keeping adequate record of all applications submitted.
  • Must continue active involvement in any employment programs assigned to them by the state of Colorado.

If an applicant fails to meet these eligibility requirements while her or she is claiming benefits for unemployment, then her or she risks getting their benefits denied or terminated. In some cases, there are exceptions in which an applicant may still hold eligibility for federal unemployment benefits in Colorado despite not falling under the listed qualifications. Exceptions may be considered if the applicant has to voluntarily leave their job as a direct result of sexual harassment, illegal withholding of wages, unsafe work conditions or excessive verbal, physical or mental abuse. If an applicant’s situation fall under any of these categories, they may still be eligible to claim unemployment benefits.

Unemployment beneficiaries should keep in mind that these qualifications do not only apply for the initial unemployment benefits claim, but must also be met during the entire time the applicant will be claiming benefits for unemployment in Colorado. The most important qualification to maintain throughout the time you receive unemployment benefits is your job search record. Throughout the unemployment benefits claim, the applicant will frequently be asked to prove that they have taken necessary measures to find new employment. If the applicant cannot produce sufficient evidence of their job hunt, they may have their federal unemployment benefits denied or terminated. To avoid any interruption of your unemployment benefits claim be sure to keep a strong record of the names, email addresses, and position for each application you submit. Keep in mind that even if you follow these requirements, your federal unemployment benefits will only last 26 weeks (unless an unemployment benefits extension is available), so it’s best to make the most of this time.

How Much Can You Expect to Receive in Federal Unemployment Benefits in Colorado

In the state of Colorado you can earn a maximum of $552 per week on your federal unemployment benefits. However, the amount you receive will be directly determined by the amount of money you earned during your base period. In Colorado, your unemployment benefits claim will be higher than 60% of 1/26th of wages in the two quarters base period in which your earned the most and 50% of 1/52nd of your wages in the entire base period.