Connecticut Unemployment Rates Information

Unemployment Rates In Connecticut

Connecticut’s unemployment rate was 7.4 percent for December 2013. It has been dropping successively since August 2013. The most impressive change was experienced from October on. December’s two-tenths point decline build on the three-tenth point drop experienced in November. The unemployment rate in Connecticut has not been as low as 7.4 percent since February 2009.

  • August 2013: 8.1 percent
  • September 2013: 8.0 percent
  • October 2013: 7.9 percent
  • November 2013: 7.6 percent
  • December 2013: 7.4 percent

The National Rate for unemployment is 6.7 percent.

According to the Connecticut Department of Labor, recent developments including startups and expansions have taken place in Cheshire, Windsor Locks, Southington and statewide in the restaurant and home improvement industries (2014).

In February 2014, Patch – a journalism company – announced it has reduced its workforce by 24 workers statewide, and Sikorsky Aircraft will be cutting 600 jobs this year in Stratford.

The state of Connecticut has offered unemployed individuals Unemployment Insurance (UI), Extended Benefits (EB) and Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC).

According to The Connecticut Economic Digest:

  • Connecticut’s unemployed were eligible to collect up to 99 weeks of regular and extended (EB and EUC) benefits from November 2009 through February 2012.
  • As of March 2013, Connecticut’s unemployed were eligible for up to 63 weeks of unemployment compensation, until all extended benefits ended on December 28, 2013.
  • From 2006 quarter two to 2013 quarter three, 1,200,609 initial claims for regular unemployment compensation were filed. 661,499 were filed by individuals; of these, 316,792 went on to claim extended benefits and of these 129,583 exhausted all regular and extended UI benefits available to them by third quarter 2013.

The Connecticut Economic Digest is a publication by the Connecticut Department of Labor that provides individuals with current and comprehensive data on the workforce and economy of Connecticut in contrast to the rest of the Unites States.

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