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Claiming Benefits for Unemployment in Florida


Unemployed individuals who would like to claim unemployment benefits in Florida must meet certain eligibility requirements and present the necessary documents. In FL, in order to process an unemployment benefits claim, certain criteria must be met. Now known as reemployment assistance, the unemployment insurance in Florida has been renamed to reflect the efforts of the local government to help its citizens find new employment. Note that not all unemployed individuals can apply for unemployment insurance, especially when the main eligibility factor is based on what led you to become unemployed to begin with. Thus, only workers who have been laid off as a result of objective conditions, such as company shutdown or insufficient workload are eligible for reemployment assistance. If you were fired from your job due to misconduct or you have voluntarily left your workplace, you will not be considered eligible for unemployment benefits claims.

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How to Claim Unemployment Benefits in Florida


Claiming benefits for unemployment in FL is a simple process if you meet all requirements set by the state’s Department of Economic Opportunity. To begin with, you must have become unemployed through no fault of your own, and thereafter apply for reemployment assistance as soon as you are out of work. You must also have sufficient funds that you have earned during your base period and be considered mentally and physically able to work. Searching for a new job during your reemployment period is mandatory.  Note that workers who have voluntarily quit their job or have been fired cannot claim unemployment benefits in Florida. 

To apply for federal unemployment benefits, you must prepare certain documents to prove your eligibility. First, you must make sure to claim unemployment benefits in the last state in which you worked. However, you may be able to claim unemployment benefits from several states if you held jobs throughout the country. The FL Department of Economic Opportunity offers unemployed workers a simple, convenient way to file for unemployment benefits claim – online. Applying via the internet allows both applicants and the unemployment agency to go through the procedure quicker. Additionally, applications are reviewed promptly, therefore allowing payments to be released to eligible workers in a timely manner. All new unemployment benefits applicants can use the online system CONNECT to fill out an application. CONNECT will also allow you to view your account information, claim status, benefits payments  and more. When utilizing the online system, you will be asked to input the following information:

•    Your Social Security Number
•    An identification document, such as a driver’s license, ID card, military ID card or U.S. passport
•    Your residential address
•    Your phone number
•    Your date of birth
•    Your employment history, including details about your employers, such as names, addresses, phone numbers, reasons for separation, start and end dates of employment
•    Your email address
•    Your alien registration number (if you are not a U.S. resident)
•    Your bank account number and bank routing number for direct deposit payments

Once you have entered all requested information accurately, you will then be ready to submit your unemployment benefits claim. The FL Department of Economic Opportunity will review your details, and based on the information you provide, it will determine your eligibility and amount of benefits that you will receive.

What Is Continued Eligibility for Unemployment Benefits in Florida


Once you are found eligible to claim unemployment benefits in Florida, you must follow a certain procedure established by the FL DEO regarding continued eligibility. Thus, you must continue to file a claim every two weeks

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