Learn How To Apply For Unemployment Claims With Our Guide

Learn How To Apply For Unemployment Claims With Our Guide

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Idaho unemployment benefits claims provide out-of-work residents with partial wage compensation while they look for new job opportunities. Applying for an Idaho unemployment benefits claim is the first step in receiving unemployment insurance compensation payments. All state and federal unemployment benefits require unemployment claimants to continue to certify weekly. Claiming benefits for unemployment is more than requesting financial assistance. Idaho’s Department of Labor (DOL) upholds conditions for eligibility.

How to Claim Unemployment Benefits in Idaho

Claiming benefits for unemployment compensation is necessary to receive unemployment insurance payments. Former employees must claim unemployment benefits every week – including the first unpaid waiting week. Unemployment applicants waiting on a determination of eligibility are required to complete the weekly certification. Once the DOL approves applicants, they are paid for each qualified unemployment benefits claim week. Failure to claim unemployment benefits in ID may result in the denial of benefits.

To claim unemployment benefits, applicants and claimants can log into their claimant portal online. The claimant portal is the same site applicants use to apply for an unemployment claim. Claiming benefits for unemployment can be done online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Unemployment claimants can also use the site for weekly certification on holidays.

An unemployment benefits claim week runs from Sunday through Saturday. Applicants claiming benefits for unemployment for the first time after applying can start as soon as the Sunday after their claim week. Applicants can claim unemployment benefits anytime between Sunday at 12:01 a.m. and Saturday 11:59 p.m. MST. The DOL processes any unemployment benefits claims completed on the weekend or after 6 p.m. MST on the next business day. Additionally, when claiming benefits for unemployment, keep the following details in mind:

  • The sooner you claim unemployment benefits, the sooner the DOL processes them.
  • You must certify for the mandatory unpaid waiting week.
  • For same-day processing, you must complete claims before 6 p.m. MST.

If unemployment claimants forget to claim unemployment benefits, the Idaho DOL permits one skip week. However, the DOL does not allow backdating of any missed week. Failure to claim for two weeks will automatically inactivate your claim. If your Idaho unemployment benefits claim becomes inactive, you will have to reopen your claim.

How to Keep Claiming Unemployment Benefits in Idaho

An Idaho unemployment benefits claim is available to beneficiaries who are able, available and actively seeking suitable work. Unemployment claimants are required to contact at least two employers each week to remain eligible. To claim unemployment benefits, qualified claimants must also be available to accept full- and part-time work when offered. Claimants may become ineligible if:

  • They are ill, injured or have a mental condition that prevents them from accepting work.
  • They limit the days, the hours or the distance to travel for work.
  • They refuse a job referral from the Idaho DOL.
  • They contact less than two potential employers a week.
  • They are unable to provide a written work search record.

Those who claim unemployment benefits in ID and attend school or a training program may do so provided it does not interfere with their ability to obtain full-time employment. Self-employed claimants may also become ineligible for unemployment benefits claims if the self-employment interferes with new job opportunities. Anyone claiming benefits for unemployment who is found to have made false or fraudulent statements will lose eligibility and face felony conviction and financial penalties.

Learn About Idaho Unemployment Benefits Claims and Federal Income Taxes

All state and federal unemployment benefits are taxable in Idaho. While claiming benefits for unemployment in ID, beneficiaries can choose to have taxes withheld from the compensation payment. The tax withheld from your federal unemployment benefits is 10 percent. Claimants can also choose not to have any taxes withheld and pay owed taxes when filing their taxes.

The DOL mails a 1099-G tax form to unemployment claimants in the beginning of the calendar year. Claimants must keep an updated mailing address on file to receive this form in a timely manner. Unemployed workers can also find the form in their account on the claimant portal online.

Learn About Idaho Unemployment Benefits Extensions

Idaho unemployment benefits claims are valid for one year. Qualified unemployment claimants have 52 weeks to claim unemployment benefits on their existing claim. Those who exhaust their benefits cannot file another unemployment benefits claim in Idaho within that benefit year.

During periods of high statewide unemployment, when the unemployment rate is above 6.5 percent, Extended Benefits (EB) may become available to unemployed claimants who have depleted their regular unemployment claim. EB is the only Idaho unemployment benefits extension program, and it is only available when triggered by a high total unemployment rate.  When activated, the DOL notifies qualified claimants of the unemployment benefits extension by mailing an application for eligibility. EB and other federal unemployment benefits are currently unavailable.