Idaho Unemployment Rates Information

Unemployment Rates In Idaho

The unemployment rate of Idaho as of December 2013 is 5.7 percent. This has been the lowest rate for the year 2013. In contrast, the national unemployment rate is 6.7 percent.

According to the Idaho Department of Labor, the state’s labor market decreased by 2,400 nonfarm jobs from November while the unemployment rate dropped by four-tenths of a percent. The national unemployment rate decreased by three-tenths from November.

From January to December 2013, nonfarm seasonally adjusted employment grew 1.1 percent.

Nationwide, Construction fell 0.2 percent with Idaho showing a larger decline at 1.9 percent from November to December 2013. Distinctively, Manufacturing showed a slightly positive over-the-year change while the other sectors remain close to the 10-year average.

For specific data, check the Idaho Economic Situation Report (January 2014) at:

Compare the fluctuation of the Idaho unemployment rate to the nation’s rate below:


  • December 2012: 6.3 percent
  • November 2013: 6.1 percent
  • December 2013: 5.7 percent

United States:

  • December 2012: 7.9 percent
  • November 2013: 7 percent
  • December 2013: 6.7 percent

Labor force changes in Idaho (in thousands):

  • December 2012: 774.7
  • November 2013: 772.1
  • December 2013: 772.6

Labor force in the U.S. (in thousands):

  • December 2012: 155,485
  • November 2013: 155,284
  • December 2013: 154,937

In December 2013, three Idaho counties experienced double-digit unemployment rates such as Clearwater with 11 percent, Shoshone with 10.9 percent and Adams with 10.6 percent.

In December 2012, four Idaho counties experienced double-digit unemployment rates including Adams with 11.9 percent, Clearwater with 11 percent, Shoshone with 10.9 percent and Valley with 10.2 percent.

The county with the lowest unemployment rate is Oneida with 2.9 percent.

Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA) showed that the highest unemployment rate belongs to Coeur d’Alene with 6.6 percent and the lowest unemployment rate belongs to Idaho Falls with 4.6 percent as of December 2013.

Idaho employment numbers have changed from 629.1 in December 2012, to 639.8 in November 2013 and 637.4 in December 2013.

*Data in thousands.

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