Illinois Unemployment Rates Information

Unemployment Rates In Illinois

Unemployment rates in Illinois have dropped from 9.2 percent in January of 2013 to

8.7 percent in January of 2014.

The national unemployment rate is 6.7 percent as of December 2013.

The national unemployment rate decreased by three-tenths from November to 6.7 percent in December.

Here are the unemployment rates showing the decrease by seasonal adjustments:


  • January 2013: 9.2 percent
  • December 2013: 8.9 percent
  • January 2014: 8.7 percent

United States:

  • January 2013: 7.9 percent
  • December 2013: 6.7 percent
  • January 2014: 6.6 percent

Illinois added more than 64,000 total nonfarm jobs in 2011.

Illinois’s unemployment rate has decreased by more than 2 percentage points since January 2010.

The state reached its unemployment peak on January 2010 with 11.2 percent. It has decreased considerably and is now at 8.7 percent.

Here are some of the highest unemployment rates based on counties in Illinois:

  • Macon: 12.7 percent
  • Franklin: 12.7 percent
  • Vermilion: 12.2 percent
  • Boone: 12.0 percent
  • Perry: 12.0 percent

Here are some of the lowest unemployment rates based on counties in Illinois:

  • Washington: 6.6 percent
  • Du page: 6.6 percent
  • Monroe: 6.3 percent
  • Adams: 6.2 percent

The county with the lowest unemployment rate as of January 2014 is Brown with 3.9 percent.

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