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Louisiana Unemployment Benefits Information

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Federal Unemployment Benefits in Louisiana 

Unemployed workers can receive benefits for up to 26 weeks, but those having difficulty finding a job can apply for a Louisiana unemployment benefits extension. Unemployment Benefits are measured during a 52-week calendar year, and recipients will only be able to receive a predetermined, maximum amount of benefit weeks during this time. If you exceed your maximum before the 52-week period is over, and you still have not found full-time employment, you must wait until the next calendar year to file a new unemployment benefits claim.

If you receive any of the following types of payments from your previous job, it will be deducted from your weekly benefit amount: 

•    Holiday
•    Pension
•    Vacation 
•    Severance 
•    Bonuses 

If you fail to report these payments to the state, you could end up having to pay back some or all of the benefits that you received. 

In Louisiana, all employers are required to report their employees’ wages four times a year (quarterly). When an applicant first files a claim, the state will not take his or her current earnings or wages from the previous quarter (lag quarter) into consideration. The state will only consider the wages that you earned in the four quarters before the lag quarter. Your employer must also have paid into the federal unemployment benefits fund during that time, and if you are self-employed or your employer failed to pay, you will be ineligible to receive unemployment benefits. 

Louisiana imposes a weekly limit on the financial aid amount that unemployed workers can receive. Workers who are eligible for benefits are entitled to receive a minimum of $10 and a maximum of $247, each week. Your specific aid amount will be determined using a set formula, and you must file an unemployment benefits claim each week in order to continue to receive aid. After filing a claim, workers will receive a determination letter in the mail, detailing the monetary amount they are eligible to receive.

In order to continue claiming benefits, the state must determine that you meet the standards below: 

•    You earned at least $1200 in wages before the lag quarter. 
•    The total amount that you earned before the lag quarter is equal to or greater than one and a half times your highest wage amount (high quarter).  
•    You continue to meet the eligibility standards each week.