Learn How To Apply For Unemployment Claims With Our Guide

Learn How To Apply For Unemployment Claims With Our Guide

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Your eligibility for unemployment in Maine will depend on a variety of factors and requirements. If you meet the qualifications for unemployment, you will receive temporary financial assistance while you search for new employment.

We have compiled helpful information, hints, and tips about qualifying for unemployment benefits in Maine on this website and FAQs and our free guide. Read more below to learn about who can qualify for unemployment in Maine.

Understand Unemployment Insurance Requirements in Maine

Knowing who qualifies for unemployment in ME can be extremely helpful before you submit your first claim. To be considered unemployed, an individual cannot perform any work for an entire week.

If the unemployed individual works fewer than 35 hours on a weekly basis and earns less than five dollars more than his or her weekly benefit amount, that person is considered to be partially unemployed. Workers who are self-employed or work in a commission-based role are not eligible for any benefits.

If you wish to continue to meet the qualifications for unemployment in ME, you must actively seek new employment. The funds dispersed by the state are only temporary, and workers are encouraged to find work as quickly as possible.

Before you can file for unemployment benefits, the state will require you to register with the Maine Job Bank. Benefit recipients residing outside of Maine will need to show proof that they are registered with the Job Service Agency in their state of residence.

The state will perform a local job search to see the number of jobs available in your area. If you refuse to accept a job that you are qualified and able to perform, the state may choose to terminate your benefits completely.

Learn About Maintaining Unemployment Benefits in Maine

Maintaining your eligibility for EDD in Maine will depend on the steps you take to find work. The state believes that establishing personal contacts with employers will improve your chances of finding a job.

Establishing contact with an employer can include making contact over the phone, as well as filling out an application online or in person, sending out resumes, or visiting an employment agency. The state does not give contact credit to workers who utilize government employment agencies weekly, but a visit to a private employment or staffing agency will count as a contact.

After establishing contact, you will need to record or store the following information in a Work Search Log:

  • Copies of submitted applications (online and in person)
  • Name, phone number, and address of the contact
  • The date that you established contact
  • URLs, email addresses, and website information online applications
  • Any other information that you feel is relevant

Your eligibility for EDD in ME can be impacted by your contacts, as the state will deem you ineligible for benefits if you do not report them. The state Department of Labor will provide you with an initial Work Search Log, and you will receive a new log in the mail every five weeks. By keeping track of your job search, you can show the state that you are actively meeting the qualifications for unemployment.

Understand Availability to Work Requirements in Maine

What are the requirements to get unemployment and keep it until you find suitable employment? Many workers do not know how to qualify for unemployment in Maine over an extended period of time. To remain eligible for benefits, you must make yourself available for work. This means that you must physically be able to show up for work.

These are general unemployment insurance eligibility rules, but the state will not deny you benefits if any of the following applies to you:

  • You must take care of a family member, or you have a disability that requires you to have a caretaker. This rule only applies if the majority of your shift takes place between 12:00 am and 5:00 am.
  • You normally work full-time hours, but an illness, injury, or disability has impacted you or someone in your family.
  • You are a victim of domestic abuse, and you need a work schedule that takes your protection into consideration.
  • You have worked part-time for more than 50 percent of your base period weeks, and you are seeking another job with similar hours in your normal occupation or industry.

If none of the above situations apply to you, your eligibility for unemployment in Maine will be negatively impacted.

The Maine Unemployment Claims Center can help answer any remaining questions you may have. This center strives to help the residents of Maine obtain the unemployment benefits they deserve.

Last Updated: February 28, 2023