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Maryland Unemployment Insurance Eligibility 

Applicants must meet all qualifications for unemployment in Maryland in order to prove that they are physically and mentally able to work and that they are actively seeking a job. When setting the requirements regarding eligibility for EDD in Maryland, the state Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulations follows the federal unemployment insurance (UI) guidelines. According to these rules, only former employees who have lost their positions through no fault of their own fulfill the eligibility requirements.

Part-time workers who are unable to earn full wages may also qualify for benefits, though they will only be eligible for partial coverage. Apart from qualifying based on their work separation, UI claimants must also meet the state monetary requirements. According to this criterion, only workers who have earned a minimum amount of wages during their base period are eligible for UI benefits.

Depending on the average amount of earned wages, you will be granted a weekly benefit amount between $50 and $430 per week. Unemployment petitioners who fulfill all initial unemployment insurance eligibility requirements will then have to meet additional criteria on a regular basis in order to maintain the validity of their UI claim.

To learn how to qualify for unemployment coverage in Maryland and more, read the below sections:

  • Who qualifies for unemployment benefits in Maryland?
  • What are the requirements to get unemployment payments in Maryland on a regular basis?

Maryland Unemployment Resources

Who qualifies for unemployment benefits in Maryland?

The initial factors that determine eligibility for unemployment in Maryland are the monetary and the work qualification requirements. Per state law, unemployment insurance eligibility is only granted to workers with a qualifying reason for work separation who have earned a sufficient amount of wages during a 12-month base period.

Therefore, to be a claimant who qualifies for unemployment coverage, you must have lost your position as a result of:

  • A layoff for reasons of work reduction or an unfavorable business climate.
  • Being fired because your skills were not a good match for the company’s needs.
  • Quitting, due to compelling reasons related to your employment.

According to the above qualifications for unemployment, workers who were fired for misconduct or those who left their jobs without good cause do not meet eligibility for EDD in Maryland.

The monetary requirement, on the other hand, determines whether or not the UI applicant is a worker who can earn a sufficient amount of wages. To make that distinction, the department reviews the UI petitioner’s earnings from his or her base period, which includes the first 12 months of the 15 months before he or she applied for benefits.

Based on the claimant’s wages, the department will then decide whether monetary eligibility for unemployment has been met, and it will determine the amount the applicant qualifies for. For instance, full-time employees who worked during all four quarters will be eligible to receive 50 percent of their past weekly wages for 26 consecutive weeks.

What are the requirements to get unemployment payments in Maryland on a regular basis?

Former state employees who meet the main qualifications for unemployment in MD can submit their UI claim as soon as they lose their employment. However, as the goal of the UI program is to assist state workers with their job search, other unemployment insurance eligibility requirements must be met regularly to maintain these benefits.

In order to continue receiving weekly UI payments, claimants must:

  • Be able to work.
  • Be available for any job that suits their abilities.
  • Actively seek new employment.
  • Report all earnings for the week during which they are requesting UI payments.
  • Report funds received from severance payments, pensions and vacation pays.
  • Complete any tasks assigned by the MD Department of Labor.
  • Enroll with the state workforce division.
  • Accept suitable employment opportunities.

UI beneficiaries will be required to prove that they meet the above MD qualifications for unemployment during their weekly recertification procedure by answering several questions. Note that applicants who provide false information regarding their eligibility for EDD benefits will be prosecuted for unemployment insurance fraud, and their benefits will be discontinued until they requalify.

State workers who fail to meet eligibility for unemployment in Maryland for a certain week will be penalized, and that week’s UI payment will not be delivered until they resolve the issue. For instance, if you fail to provide adequate proof of your job search, your weekly payments will be halted until you provide the information during your next recertification procedure.