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Massachusetts Unemployment Contact Information 

We are an online resource to help answer your questions, check eligibility and assist in applying for Unemployment. You will also be advised if you qualify for additional benefit programs and receive our benefit guide.

Massachusetts Unemployment Office

Department of Unemployment Assistance
Charles F. Hurley Building
19 Staniford Street
Boston, MA 02114

Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development
One Ashburton Place
Suite 2112
Boston, MA 02108

For claim status.
For eligibility questions or for UI payment questions.
For filing and reopening claim questions.
For any other questions, visit: http://www.mass.gov/.
Department of Unemployment Assistance: 617-626-6560

DUA TeleClaim Center: 617-626-6800 or 877-626-6800
Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development: 617-626-7122

For the Massachusetts Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development directory, visit: http://www.mass.gov/.
To find a Career Center near you, visit: http://www.mass.gov/.

I. Other Resources for Massachusetts
Job Quest: Individuals have the opportunity to search through a variety of different job availabilities online through Job Quest. Visit this site for more information: https://web.detma.org/.

Fraud: Avoid or report fraud. Committing fraud is a felony and will result in a fine and/or imprisonment. Fraud consists of falsifying or withholding information.

Veterans: Services and programs are available to all veterans who wish to obtain employment. Please refer to this site for more information: http://www.mass.gov/.

References: http://www.mass.gov/.