Missouri Unemployment Benefits Information

Claiming Benefits for Unemployment in Missouri

Claiming benefits for unemployment in Missouri is a procedure available to qualified state employees who are able to work and are currently seeking a new job. The federal unemployment benefits of the U.S. Department of Labor's Unemployment Insurance (UI) program were implemented to provide financial stability to jobless workers during the interim period between employments. However, in order to submit a Missouri unemployment benefits claim, UI applicants must meet the program's requirements, which are administered on a state level by the MO Department of Labor and Industrial Relations.

In general, only UI petitioners who were laid off due to lack of work or who have left their employment with good cause, such as intolerable working conditions, can claim unemployment benefits in MO. Former state workers who qualify for benefits can receive a maximum amount of 20 weeks of benefits. In order to continue receiving payments, however, UI beneficiaries must maintain their eligibility for unemployment benefits on a weekly basis. Furthermore, in times of high unemployment rates, certain MO workers may be eligible for unemployment benefits extensions beyond the standard 20-week duration.

Read the sections below to learn how to claim unemployment benefits in Missouri and whether or not they are taxable:
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