Learn How To Apply For Unemployment Claims With Our Guide

Learn How To Apply For Unemployment Claims With Our Guide

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Unemployed workers who are wondering where to sign up for unemployment benefits in Missouri can submit their unemployment insurance (UI) claim through the state Department of Labor and Industrial Relations. Interested UI petitioners can file for an unemployment claim in MO via several methods, if they meet the state UI eligibility requirements.

Unemployment claimants who have successfully finalized the Missouri unemployment registration process will, however, be required to maintain their eligibility in order to continue receiving UI payments. For information on topics such as where to register for unemployment benefits in Missouri and how to apply for unemployment online, read the sections below.

How Can I Sign Up for Unemployment in Missouri?

Missouri workers wondering where to apply for unemployment in Missouri can simply utilize the internet services of the Department of Labor’s Division of Employment Security (DES) to submit an online claim. The DES also offers UI applicants the options to file for unemployment in MO via telephone or to submit an unemployment EDD application in person through a local DES center.

Prior to submitting their online application for unemployment, however, UI claimants must fulfill the state eligibility requirements for unemployment insurance coverage. The unemployment registration process in MO is only available to workers who:

  •  Have lost their employment through no fault of their own.
  •  Have earned enough wages during their base period.
  •  Are working less than full time and earning part-time wages.

Note: UI applicants who meet the above criteria must file for unemployment in Missouri as soon as they lose their job in order to receive payments for all weeks of unemployment.

The division’s online system allows you to file for an unemployment claim without creating a personal account through the DES website. After accessing the internet UI application form, petitioners will be required to answer several questions in order to verify their identity and provide the information necessary to support their claim.

Unemployment applicants who do not select the Submit option after filling out the online unemployment EDD application will lose all the data they have entered. In addition, you must complete the online application for unemployment in a prompt and efficient manner, as the system logs you out after 45 minutes.

Unemployment claimants who successfully apply for unemployment benefits in Missouri via the internet will receive a confirmation number and instructions for the subsequent steps in the MO unemployment registration process.

Note: Part-time employees who submit an unemployment EDD application in Missouri will only be eligible for partial UI benefits.

Information Needed to Apply for Unemployment Benefits in Missouri

Prior to filing their UI claim, applicants who now know where to register for unemployment benefits in MO must collect the data necessary to prove their identity and UI eligibility. However, in order to provide their information, former employees must always enter a four-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN).

The PIN signature will be required each time you check the status of your claim, reopen an existing application or claim your UI benefits on a regular basis. A complete Missouri unemployment EDD application includes the following data:

  • Your Social Security Number, full name and date of birth
  • Your contact information, such as your mailing address and phone number
  • Information about your last employment, such as the employer’s contact information, your dates of work and the amount of your earned wages

A DES official will review the provided information and, depending on your circumstances and whether or not an issue that might prevent you from obtaining UI benefits occurs, you may be required to present additional information and documents.

Note: Submitting false data when you apply for unemployment benefits in Missouri is punishable by law.

Learn About Conditions to Meet After You File for an Unemployment Claim in Missouri

Former workers may finish the Missouri unemployment registration process by completing several additional steps after filing their claims. First, potential UI beneficiaries may be required to report to an MO Division of Workforce Development Job Center and apply for reemployment services.

Then, unemployment claimants must begin to actively search for work and be available for any job that meets their abilities. Finally, to maintain their eligibility for payments, UI recipients must claim their first payment and any subsequent weekly benefits via the same methods used to initially file for unemployment in MO.

The Division of Employment Security will process eligible applications and provide UI claimants with their first payment within 18 to 22 days of the date of the original application submission. On the other hand, if an issue preventing the payment of benefits arises, the DES will contact the UI applicant to resolve it promptly.

Note that you are not paid benefits for the first week after you become eligible for unemployment insurance.