Learn How To Apply For Unemployment Claims With Our Guide

Learn How To Apply For Unemployment Claims With Our Guide

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To apply for unemployment benefits in Montana, the former worker has two options at his or her disposal. The process can be completed over the phone, or the applicant can undergo the process of filing an online application for unemployment.

Are you asking “How can I sign up for unemployment in MT?” Claimants can learn about where to sign up for unemployment, as well as find detailed information regarding the process.

Overall, petitioners will need to know what identification, documentation and other information is pertinent in the application process. For more details on how to file for unemployment, please see the following sections:

  • Where to register for unemployment benefits in Montana
  • Required information for unemployment registration in Montana
  • The unemployment registration process in Montana

Montana Unemployment Resources

Where to Register for Unemployment Benefits in Montana

Candidates who do not know where to apply for unemployment can visit a local unemployment office or stay home. Either way, undergoing the application procedure online for unemployment is the preferred and quickest method to file for an unemployment claim, especially when compared to filing over the phone.

Applicants unsure of how to apply for unemployment online should visit the UI home page, or call the Claims Processing Center. When the applicant files his or her claim, he or she will be required to sign a Claimant Agreement.

In case the petitioner files online, he or she has to sign the agreement online. If the petitioner files for an unemployment claim by telephone, he or she will be mailed the form.

Regarding the Montana unemployment EDD application, if the UI petitioner wants assistance, he or she needs to contact the Claims Processing Center to request a personal agent authorization. A customer service representative will explain the rules and send the candidate an agent designation form. The applicant will be responsible for any actions taken by the designated personal agent.

Required Information for Unemployment Registration in Montana

To file for unemployment in Montana, the UI petitioner must honestly and accurately report the reason he or she is unemployed. This includes information about all employment history, going back 18 months.

Claimants need to be very clear about whether they were laid off, discharged, quit or are still working less than their customary hours. If there is an issue regarding their unemployment insurance eligibility, applicants need to continue filing weekly payment requests while waiting for a decision.

The Unemployment Registration Process in Montana

After applicants file for an unemployment claim, their current or most recent employer, and any employers they worked for within the last six months of filing or reactivating a claim will be asked specific questions about the applicant’s separation from work. All parties involved are allowed appropriate time to respond. Prompt responses may help the unemployment insurance claimant receive a decision more quickly.

When applying for unemployment benefits, the former worker must register for work and remain actively registered with Job Service, unless they are told otherwise by UI. Candidates may do this by attending the local Job Service office or going online.

The website is different than the one used to file the unemployment claim. The registration remains active when the applicant logs into his or her account and uses a reemployment service, such as resume updating and job search assistance, at least once every 90 days.

Failure to register or remain active will result in the recipient having his or her unemployment benefits denied. If the claimant lives in another state, he or she must register with the Job Service in that area and remain actively registered.

After submitting the unemployment EDD application, the former employee has three business days to update his or her mailing address after it changes. Mail from unemployment insurance is not forwarded by the Post Office even when a change of address has been filed at the Post Office.

Failure to respond to requests for information due to a bad address will mean the claimant will be denied benefits until he or she responds.