Learn How To Apply For Unemployment Claims With Our Guide

Learn How To Apply For Unemployment Claims With Our Guide

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An unemployment benefits claim in New Hampshire covers a period of one week. The calendar year that is being requested would be the previous week beginning on Sunday and ending Saturday. In NH, the claimant has up to 7 days to file for unemployment benefits for the week. The weekly benefit amount is determined by looking at how much the claimant earned over the last 18-month period.

Eligibility and benefit amounts are determined on a case-by-case basis, and the initial benefit payment may take longer to process than the continued claim benefit requests. Claimants can file for an unemployment benefits extension during times of high unemployment rates. A non-monetary determination denies or allows unemployment benefit claims eligibility based on issues not related to the benefit amount. Monetary determination is the benefit amount that a NH claimant may receive.

How to Apply for Benefits in New Hampshire

Claiming benefits for unemployment in New Hampshire requires several steps. Unemployment insurance petitioners need to file an initial claim and a continued claim. A claimant must file for unemployment benefits weekly. All eligibility requirements must be met in order to continue to receive weekly benefits. In order to claim unemployment benefits, an unemployed petitioner must complete an online application, which can be done at home or at a New Hampshire Works Local Office using a workstation. While receiving unemployment insurance, the claimant must adhere to eligibility requirements put in place by New Hampshire as well as the Federal unemployment guidelines. Unemployment insurance can be claimed from another state if the petitioner has moved or relocated. Continued claims must be filed on time, otherwise an initial claim may need to be reopened.

New Hampshire requires periodic reviews and record keeping for an online application for unemployment. These weekly eligibility reviews require an unemployed individual to file a continued claim in which he or she will be required to answer a series of questions which will determine continued eligibility. In order to maintain partial or full unemployment benefits, an applicant must be actively looking for jobs, is not currently working and has not refused any suitable work. When claiming unemployment benefits, the claimant must also be registered for work in the Job Match system for the state of New Hampshire. File continued claims on time to avoid delays with weekly benefit payments.

Claiming benefits for unemployment in New Hampshire requires an initial claim to be filed each time work hours are significantly reduced or an applicant becomes unemployed. Once an initial online application for unemployment has been filed, the unemployed individual has to file a continued claim. Due to regulation, the first week that a claim is filed is considered a waiting week, and the unemployed individual will not receive payment for this week. The unemployment insurance petitioner is also required to register for work on the Job Match System. The system will provide claimants with an abundance of sources to help with the job search process. Do not refuse any suitable job offers, and follow through with all job referrals. Failure to do so invalidates eligibility for unemployment in NH, and can result in loss of benefits. Claimants may also be periodically required to visit the local office for an Eligibility review Interview or a Reemployment and Eligibility Assessment meeting. To continue receiving unemployment insurance benefits, it is mandatory to attend these meetings. These meetings will also help with re-employment services and job referrals in order to minimize the time a beneficiary is unemployed.

Claiming federal unemployment benefits is a simple process. Once all information is prepared by the claimant, he or she can file for an unemployment claim by logging on to the New Hampshire Employment Services website. First time claimants must register a new account. Petitioners are given a temporary password that can later be changed. This password is important for filing a continued claim. Once the registration process is complete, there will be a series of questions that need to be answered for the unemployment benefits claim application. All employment over the last 18 months is recorded regardless of the state in which the work was was performed. The initial claim does not grant a petitioner benefits. In order to receive benefits, petitioners must also file a continued claim. The continued claim will require the unemployed individual to answers several questions and record all work search activities for the week which payment is being requested. After all information has been reviewed, and a determination has been reached by the New Hampshire Department of Labor, unemployment benefits are distributed.

Learn About Unemployment Benefits and Federal Income Taxes in New Hampshire

New Hampshire unemployment insurance claimants have the option to have 10 percent of the gross weekly benefits deducted and withheld for Federal Income Taxes. When tax season begins, the applicant will receive a 1099-G which will include all federal unemployment benefits paid to the claimant, as well as any deductions withheld. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will also receive a copy of the information. The claimant must present this form when filing his or her Federal Income taxes the following year.