Learn How To Apply For Unemployment Claims With Our Guide

Learn How To Apply For Unemployment Claims With Our Guide

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Petitioners can file an unemployment claim online is the first step in receiving unemployment insurance benefits. To file for unemployment the petitioner must go through a two-step process and the initial claim can take some time to complete.

Applicants seeking unemployment insurance in New Hampshire need to have all documents and information ready prior to filing a claim, as this will make the process easier. Once a claim is filed, the eligibility and possible amount of benefits will need to be determined by the NH Employment Department.

Overall, the department comes to a decision by following federal guidelines. Once a decision has been reached, a claimant’s benefits begin. Read the topics below for further information:

  • How to Apply for Unemployment Online in New Hampshire
  • How to Prepare for Filing Unemployment Benefits in New Hampshire

How to Apply for Unemployment Online in New Hampshire

How can I sign up for unemployment in New Hampshire? Once a UI petitioner has gathered all the required documents and information needed to file for an unemployment claim, the claimant uses the Benefit Payment system to begin the initial claim process.

Applicants wondering where to sign up for unemployment can do so online. The first time using the system requires the individual to register. An initial claim must be filed within 3 business days of the last day of employment. If the unemployed individual is receiving a severance package, he or she has the option to wait until the complete severance package has been paid out.

In order to determine the best time to file for unemployment when receiving a severance package, review the Amount and Duration of Benefits information. The second step in the unemployment EDD application is filing the continued claim, which is the request for benefits each week. This includes answering various questions and recording work search activities and contacts.

The continued claim must be filed within a certain time period in order to receive benefits payments. If a continued claim is not received in time, the claimant will need to reopen an initial claim once again. The Benefit Payment system will inform the claimant of the dates to keep in mind, and will also give confirmation for each claim received.

In order to undergo the application process for unemployment online, you will need to complete the two-step process, which will also automatically register an unemployed individual for work on the Job Match System. A petitioner will need to file weekly claims on time, and report any payments received, and work performed during those weeks.

Unemployed individuals must respond to documents received, and attend any mandatory meetings. If an unemployment beneficiary declines any employment offers, he or she must also report that to the office managing the claim.

How to Prepare for Filing Unemployment Benefits in New Hampshire

The unemployment registration process in NH requires having a lot of personal information on hand, in addition to employer information. To apply for unemployment benefits, the claimant will need his or her mailing and/or home address, an email address and telephone number. A candidate will also need his or her Social Security Number.

If the claimant is not a U.S. citizen, he or she will need his or her alien registration number. Any amount of separation, retirement, sick or retirement pay information will also be required, if applicable. For applicants who were in the military over the past year, military form DD-214 and member 4 are required. A claimant who has worked for the Federal government is also required to present a Form SF-8.

Information is needed for any employer the NH unemployment insurance petitioner has worked for during the past 18 months. The online application for unemployment will require the full name and address of each employer, as well as the phone number.  Former employees will also need the start and end dates of employment.

The pay rate and the number of hours worked for the most recent week are also required when filing for unemployment. One of the most integral pieces of information required would be the reason that the UI petitioner is no longer working for the employer. It is advised to separate a substantial amount of time to apply for unemployment benefits in order to successfully file a claim.

Not sure where to apply for unemployment in New Hampshire? New Hampshire unemployment applicants are required to sign up for unemployment using an online application. Any computer with internet access may be used to complete the unemployment EDD application.

The New Hampshire Unemployment Insurance system (NHUIS) is where to register for unemployment benefits. This would include a home computer, library computer or an NH Works Local Office station. When filing at a local office, help with the process is available for the applicant.

If a UI claimant no longer lives in New Hampshire and does not have internet access, he or she can call the New Hampshire employment office during normal business hours for assistance with unemployment registration. The online application system is available to UI petitioners 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Updates to the system are periodically performed overnight and the system is rarely unavailable to claimants.