New Jersey Unemployment Office

The unemployment office in New Jersey aims at helping those living in the state with aid during times of joblessness. The Department of Labor and Workforce Development (DLWD) oversees the unemployment information, distribution of unemployment benefits and policies regarding the welfare program. Residents should contact the unemployment office in New Jersey if they lose a job, lose working hours or are relegated to temporary work. Former members of the armed forces who were recently discharged might also be eligible for benefits. Information about unemployment eligibility pertains to a worker’s job history, previous employers and reason for joblessness. Workers can learn how to apply for unemployment insurance by speaking to a DLWD representative. NJ unemployment offices will also help participants find new employment with job searches and reemployment services. Participants can contact the unemployment office in New Jersey to learn more about work placement programs. Information about unemployment services are crucial for those who have barriers to rejoining the workforce in New Jersey. Part-time, temporary or seasonal workers can obtain unemployment information about partial wage compensation while having less than full-time work. The DLWD can review how benefits are determined and disbursed to beneficiaries. Applicants and enrollees of the unemployment insurance program can contact the unemployment office about any question they have about their claim. Residents seeking information about unemployment in New Jersey will find it here.

New Jersey Unemployment Resources

Contact information about unemployment offices is listed below:

To File a New Report or Reopen a Claim


By Phone:
Freehold: (732) 761-2020
Union City: (201) 601-4100
Cumberland: (856) 507-2340

Out-Of-State (Toll-Free): (888) 795-6672

New Jersey Relay 7-1-1

Unemployment and Disability Office
26 Yard Ave, Trenton, NJ 08609

Phone: (609) 292-0695
Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

To Report Fraud
Phone: (609) 777-4304
FAX: (609) 292-5593

Benefit Payment Control
PO Box 043
Trenton, NJ 08625

What Is Unemployment Insurance?

Unemployment insurance is a type of government compensation that can be obtained by newly unemployed workers who require financial assistance while they purse new work opportunities. These unemployment benefits are available to eligible individuals for a pre-determined period and help them cover rent, food and other necessary expenses. To find out more about unemployment insurance and how you can start receiving government compensation today, download our guide.

Can Everyone Get Unemployment Benefits?

Unemployment insurance is only available to qualified individuals. Applicants must have an acceptable reason for being out of work, they must meet past income thresholds and more. Find out if you qualify to receive unemployment compensation by downloading our comprehensive guide here.