New Mexico Unemployment Benefits Information

Monetary Unemployment Benefit Determination in New Mexico 


Before you can claim unemployment benefits in New Mexico, you will need to look over your Monetary Determination letter carefully. You will receive this letter in the mail, and it will explain the amount of unemployment insurance coverage you are eligible to receive. It will also explain whether you earned enough money during a “base period” to qualify. A year is divided into four quarters containing three months each, and your base period consists of the first four or most recent five quarters you worked before filing your initial claim.

Your Monetary Determination letter will also include the following information: 

•    The weekly federal unemployment benefits amount (WBA) you are eligible for 
•    The formula used to calculate your benefits
•    Information about your previous wages 
•    The maximum amount of benefits you are allowed during a 12-month period (benefit year)

If you are a veteran or federal employee claiming benefits for unemployment in NM, your most recent wages may not be included in your letter. When this occurs, you will receive a letter of Monetary Redetermination when the state receives additional wage information from your government employer with the details above. Please note that receiving this letter only means that you qualify for unemployment benefits. You may not be able to claim unemployment benefits upon further review from the state. If your Monetary Determination letter contains erroneous or unusual information, you will need to contact the department as soon as possible.  

If the state denies your New Mexico federal unemployment benefits application, you can request to have the Department of Workforce Solutions review wages from an Alternate Base Period (ABP). You can only do this if you did not earn enough income during the traditional base period, and your ABP will consist of the last four calendar quarters you worked. If you earned enough wages during the Alternate Base Period, the state will send you a new letter of Monetary Determination. Periodically, the state will request additional income information before it can determine the ABP eligibility of a worker. If you receive a letter of Alternate Base Period Notification in the mail, you will need to send additional salary information directly to the department. is a privately owned website that is not owned or operated by any government agency.