New York Unemployment Rates Information

Unemployment Rates In New York

The unemployment rate has been decreasing in New York since November 2013 when it was at 7.1 percent. It has been decreasing over the past year at a small rate.

The current unemployment rate in New York, as of February 2014, is 6.8 percent.

The national unemployment rate has also decreased since last year, but has gone up since last January. It has shown an increase by one percent. The current national unemployment rate is 6.7 percent as of February 2014.

The national unemployment rate decreased by three-tenths since November 2012 to 6.7 percent in December 2013. It then dropped one percent in January, making the national unemployment rate 6.6 percent at the start of the year 2014. It is now 6.7 percent as of February 2014.

Seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in New York compared on a national scale:

New York:

February 2014: 6.8 percent

January 2014: 6.8 percent

December 2013: 7.0 percent

November 2013: 7.1 percent


February 2014: 6.7 percent

January 2014: 6.6 percent

February 2013: 7.7 percent

The civilian labor force in New York has increased from 9,602,700 people in November of 2013, to 9,610,000 in Febaruary 2014. The number of people employed in New York has also grown since last November. From 8,916,400 people employed in November 2013 to 8,953,900 people employed since

February 2014. The number of people unemployed in New York has decreased to 656,000 since February 2014.

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