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North Dakota Unemployment Benefits Information

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Claiming Benefits for Unemployment in North Dakota

After the applicant has filed his or her federal unemployment benefits claim, the claimant and his or her former employer will be asked questions concerning the condition under which he or she is no longer employed. The sooner each party responds to the questions, the sooner a decision on an unemployment insurance claim can be made. However, the claimant needs to continue completing his or her weekly certifications for unemployment during this time, even if he or she is not receiving payments.

Following the former worker’s unemployment benefits claim in ND, Job Service North Dakota will make a determination regarding the claim. The determinations fall into two categories: monetary and non-monetary. The unemployment insurance coverage petitioner claimant should receive a letter from them within five days from that date of the application send date. This letter, which is a monetary determination, outlines the claimant’s wages reported by the employer during the “base period.” Wages earned in another state may be included. Should the applicant not receive a monetary determination letter within two weeks of claiming benefits for unemployment, he or she should contact the Job Service North Dakota Claims Center. If the former worker has earned enough wages, he or she is considered “monetarily eligible.” This determination will also show the “weekly benefit amount” and how many weeks he or she is eligible to receive payment. If the candidate’s wages include military wages, federal civilian wages, or wages earned in another state, he or she will receive another monetary determination when his or her wages are received. If the information on the monetary determination is incorrect, the unemployment insurance beneficiary can appeal the decision in writing.

The applicant may also receive a letter entitled non-monetary determination. This determination will state whether federal unemployment benefits are to be granted or denied on the claim. Even though the claimant may have earned enough money in their base period to qualify for unemployment insurance, they can be disqualified for other reasons.