North Dakota Unemployment Rates Information

Unemployment Rates In North Dakota

As of February 2014, the seasonal adjusted unemployment rate in North Dakota is 2.6 percent. This shows a decrease compared to the three percent unemployment rate in February 2013. In fact, 2.6 percent is the lowest unemployment rate in North Dakota in the past ten years. The highest rate was registered in the second quarter of 2009, with a 4.2 percent.

The national unemployment rate registered on February 2014 is 6.7 percent, which is considerably higher than North Dakota’s. The lowest national unemployment rates since 2008 has been 6.6 percent in December 203. Both national and North Dakota unemployment trends have shown a slow but steady decrease since 2010.

North Dakota Unemployment Rates in the Last Decade

  • January 2004: 3.4
  • January 2005: 3.5
  • January 2006: 3.2
  • January 2007: 3.1
  • January 2008: 2.9
  • January 2009: 3.9
  • January 2010: 4.0
  • January 2011: 3.5
  • January 2012: 3.0
  • January 2013: 3.0
  • January 2014: 2.6

North Dakota’s seasonal adjusted civilian labor force, as of February 2014, is 405,128. Statistics show 394,417 employment and 10,711 unemployed. This shows a 6,259 increase of civilian labor force in the last year, given that the labor force in February 2013 was only 398,869. During this last year, unemployment was reduced by 0.4 percent, the equivalent of 1,358 individuals.

Long term industry projections are optimistic in North Dakota. For example, the Construction industry recorded an estimated employment of 21,548 in 2010. They are projecting an employment of 27,989 for 2020; this represents a 29.9 percent increase. The Educational Services industry is also projecting a 9.7 percent increase between 2010 and 2020.

These statistics were provided by Bureau of Labor Statistics and the United States Department of Labor.

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