Learn How To Apply For Unemployment Claims With Our Guide

Learn How To Apply For Unemployment Claims With Our Guide

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Before they can undergo the application steps for unemployment benefits in Oregon, newly displaced workers may want to familiarize themselves with the application and approval process. Applicants would benefit from knowing when and where to sign up for unemployment, besides following the required steps.

If you’ve asked “How can I sign up for unemployment in OR?” you’ll understand how to claim unemployment benefits shortly thereafter. For more details on the different features of unemployment registration, see the following sections:

  • When and where to register for unemployment benefits in Oregon
  • The unemployment registration process in Oregon

Oregon Unemployment Resources

When and Where to Register for Unemployment Benefits in Oregon

With regards to where to apply for unemployment in Oregon, a claimant can either file an online application for unemployment using the Online Claims System, or he or she can call the Unemployment Insurance (UI) Center to speak with a claims specialist. The unemployment insurance specialist will assist the petitioner with filing for federal unemployment benefits over the phone.

If a candidate is unsure how to apply for unemployment online, he or she claimant will be able to follow the prompts using the Online Claims System. The unemployment applicant should file for an unemployment claim as soon as he or she becomes unemployed using either method.

If a candidate does file for unemployment, the first week he or she files a weekly claim is called the “waiting week.” Oregon uses this week to gather information to evaluate the unemployment claim and justify whether the claimant is going to be accepted and enrolled to receive weekly unemployment benefits.

However, the claimant should not wait a week before filing a continued unemployment EDD application. To meet unemployment insurance eligibility and earn the credit for the waiting week, a petitioner must have a valid claim and meet all other requirements. The claimant will only serve one waiting week in the benefit year and will never receive payment for that week.

The Unemployment Registration Process in Oregon

The unemployment registration process enables the former employee to create a four-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) the first time he or she attempts to file for unemployment. This PIN will always be needed when an unemployment applicant uses either system.

Approximately 10 days after concluding the unemployment EDD application process in Oregon, the UI petitioner will receive his or her Wage and Potential Benefit Report. In addition to providing the wages reported by the base year and the weekly benefit amount, the Wage and Potential Benefit Report also includes the claimant’s Customer Identification Number (CID).

The federal unemployment benefits CID is a unique number assigned only to that claimant. It is used on documents as a safeguard in conjunction with the applicant’s Social Security number. This measure helps to protect the petitioner claiming benefits for unemployment from identity theft and fraud. The claimant will need his or her PIN and CID to update personal information online.

An unemployment insurance benefits recipient can change his or her mailing address, or apply for electronic direct deposit. The CID is not given out if the claimant loses track of it, so he or she needs to keep a record of it. They can also obtain their CID by bringing a photo ID to a WorkSource Oregon center and asking a Department representative.

Additionally, when a candidate completes an online application for unemployment in OR, he or she has the option of enrolling in electronic deposit or using a U.S. Bank ReliaCard. The prepaid unemployment insurance benefits card is available for all new claims, with the exception of the first payment, which usually comes in the form of a paper check.

If the unemployment claim petitioner does not apply for payment by electronic deposit, the ReliaCard Visa will be sent to him or her after the first payment.  With an electronic deposit, the weekly benefit payment is electronically transferred to the claimant’s checking or savings account at his or her bank, credit union or savings and loan establishment.

To enroll in direct deposit, the claimant must furnish his or her bank’s routing number and personal account number. This can be accomplished online, by mail or by fax. The U.S. Bank ReliaCard can be used anywhere a Visa debit card is accepted and is good for one year.

It will reach the applicant in a plain white envelope with an Indianapolis, IN return address. The UI beneficiary needs to call the toll-free number on the card to activate it. Included with this will be a Cardholder Agreement that explains the various fees and conditions associated with it.