Learn How To Apply For Unemployment Claims With Our Guide

Learn How To Apply For Unemployment Claims With Our Guide

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Unemployment compensation (UC), sometimes called unemployment benefits or insurance, is information about unemployment in Pennsylvania that many residents will find valuable. What UC does is help residents through tough economic times by offering a range of benefits.

The PA unemployment office offers financial compensation to residents who have lost work or face a shortage of work hours. Residents should contact the unemployment office in Pennsylvania to apply for unemployment benefits in a timely manner. The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry (PDLI) can provide applicants with information about unemployment eligibility, the application process, compensation awards and disbursement of benefits. Financial compensation is awarded bi-monthly to approved claimants. Further unemployment information deals with helping out-of-work residents find new and stable employment. Information about unemployment services like reemployment and training programs are prudent for workers finding barriers to obtaining a new position. Unemployment offices in PA focus on returning unemployed workers to the workforce. Victims of disasters, ex-military, temporary and seasonal workers may also benefit from unemployment compensation. These applicants will need specific unemployment information pertaining to their situation, which is easily accessible by contacting a PDLI office. Likewise, those who quit voluntarily or were wrongfully terminated will have a more complicated application process. These workers may need to file an appeal with the office and discuss the details of the employment separation.

Pennsylvania Unemployment Resources

Residents may contact the unemployment office in Pennsylvania using one of the channels provided below:

To File a New Report, a Weekly Claim or Reopen a Claim


By Phone:
Toll Free: (888) 313-7284
TTY (Hearing Impaired): (888) 334-4046

UC Service Center Statewide
Sign Language: (717) 704-8474