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Pennsylvania Unemployment Rates Information

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Unemployment Rates In Pennsylvania

According to the Department of Labor & Industry, Pennsylvania’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate declined to 6.2 percent as of February 2014. It was below the U.S rate which in February was 6.7 percent. This Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate was the lowest since November 2008 when it was also 6.2 percent. Pennsylvania’s rate was down 1.5 percentage points from its last year’s February rate which was 7.7 percent.

The number of individuals working or looking for work in Pennsylvania increased by 15,000 in February and reached a number of 6,430000 individuals. The resident employment increased by 28,000 for a number of 6,032000 individuals, and the amount of unemployed residents was of 397,000 decreasing by 15,000. The number of unemployed residents in February 2014 has been the lowest since October 2008. In February 2014, Pennsylvania was ranked 26th (lowest rate) in the U.S and it is forecasted to be 6.7 percent in the second quarter of the year. The total amount of nonfarm jobs increased by 8,700 and reached a number of 5,766,000 individuals while U.S. nonfarm jobs were at 137.7 million. The private sector jobs increased by 7,500 and the government jobs by 1,200.

Comparison of the seasonally adjusted labor force statistics:

February 2014


  • Civilian Labor Force: 6,430
  • Employment: 6,032
  • Unemployment: 397
  • Rate: 6.2

United States

  • Civilian Labor Force: 155,724
  • Employment: 145,266
  • Unemployment: 10,459
  • Rate: 6.7

January 2014


  • Civilian Labor Force: 6,415
  • Employment: 6,004
  • Unemployment: 412
  • Rate: 6.4

United States

  • Civilian Labor Force: 155,460
  • Employment: 145,224
  • Unemployment: 10,236
  • Rate: 6.6

February 2013


  • Civilian Labor Force: 6,489
  • Employment: 5,990
  • Unemployment: 500
  • Rate: 7.7

United States

  • Civilian Labor Force: 155,511
  • Employment: 143,464
  • Unemployment: 12,047
  • Rate: 7.7

For more detail information, please call the Center for Workforce Information & Analysis at 1-877-4WF-DATA, or visit: www.paworkstats.pa.gov. Or you may visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics at: http://www.bls.gov/.