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Rhode Island Unemployment Benefits Information

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Basic Facts About Unemployment Benefits in Rhode Island


To claim unemployment benefits in Rhode Island, you must earn a minimum of at least $11,520 during a frame of time known as a “base period.” If you earned less than this amount, you would only be eligible for unemployment insurance benefits if you meet all three of the requirements below: 

  • Your income was greater than $1,920 during at least one base period quarter. 
  • The total amount of your base period earnings was equal to or greater than 1.5 times your highest quarterly wages. 
  • You earned at least $3,840 total during the entire base period. 

If your previous unemployment claim expired and you intend to file a new one, you must have worked since the expiration date of the last claim and earned at least 80 times the Rhode Island minimum wage amount. 

You must file a weekly unemployment benefits claim in RI if you wish to receive compensation. When filing, your claim will begin the Sunday before the day you actually filed the claim, as long as you did not work or you earned less than your weekly benefit amount that week. Rhode Island uses a 52-week calendar period in regards to unemployment insurance coverage, and if you exceed your maximum benefit amount, you will need to apply to file any additional claims. All workers are required to wait a minimum of one week before filing their initial claim.