Rhode Island Unemployment Rates Information

Unemployment Rates In Rhode Island

As of February 2014, Rhode Island was considered the state with the highest unemployment rate in the entire country at nine percent. The national average was more than two points lower at 6.7 percent, so Rhode Island residents are likely feeling the pressure to find work. Many have speculated that a lot of Rhode Island residents live in Rhode Island, but commute to neighboring states for work. However, this would not affect the unemployment rate in such a way because those individuals are still considered employed, even if it is not in Rhode Island.

Since Rhode Island has such a high unemployment rate, some residents may qualify for Emergency Unemployment Compensation, or EUC, benefits. Currently, Congress has ended this program as of December 28, 2013, but many have rallied to get it reinstated for those that really need it. If Congress eventually extends the program, then they will send letters to those that qualify, and you may receive additional benefits. Until that time comes, if it does, be sure to remember this information in case you qualify. Additional benefits are always helpful.

In Rhode Island there are only five counties. Below you can see the unemployment rate for each one individually:

Rhode Island Counties Unemployment Rates

  1. Bristol County – 8.4 percent

  2. Kent County – 8.8 percent

  3. Newport County – 9.0 percent

  4. Providence County – 10.0 percent

  5. Washington County – 8.2 percent

If you have further curiosity about the unemployment rate in Rhode Island and would like to learn more about you local area, the Bureau of Labor Statistics offers a wealth of knowledge on their Local Area Unemployment Statistics page available here: http://www.bls.gov/.

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