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How to Claim Unemployment Benefits in Tennessee

When it comes to claiming benefits for unemployment in TN, understanding what you can expect to receive is just as important as understanding how to claim unemployment benefits. Unemployment benefits were intended to be a form of temporary assistance while recipients seek out new means of employment. This period of pay typically lasts a period of 26 weeks, unless the applicant is granted an unemployment benefits extension.

Many applicants are curious to find out how much they can expect to receive with their weekly federal unemployment benefits, and how to go about claiming them. If you would like to learn more about how to claim unemployment benefits and how much you can expect to receive, read on to the following sections:

  • How to Claim Unemployment Benefits in Tennessee
  • How much can you expect to receive on unemployment benefits in Tennessee?

Tennessee Unemployment Resources

How to Claim Unemployment Benefits in Tennessee

It is mandatory that those who are seeking to claim unemployment benefits in Tennessee fall within the state’s specific eligibility requirements. The majority of these requirements are set in place to ensure that the applicant is willing and able to seek and commence working if offered reasonable employment. In order for your unemployment benefits claim to be considered, all of the eligibility requirements must be passed.

Your previous employer will be notified about your unemployment benefits claim and will be asked to provide a written or verbal testimony explaining why you were terminated.  If either the applicant or the employer disagrees with the final decision on the claim, they both have the right to file an unemployment denial appeal. Some reasons that may prevent an applicant from claiming benefits for unemployment include:

  • Willful or blatant disregard for the employer’s interest.
  • Being terminated due to repeated misconduct going against workplace rules and standards.
  • Being unable to perform work duties due to drug and/or alcohol use during work hours.
  • Theft or property damage exceeding a value of $25.

Applicants must also meet all of the following requirements regarding their ability to work in order to claim unemployment benefits in TN:

  • The applicant must be physically and mentally able to pursue work at the time of filing his or her claim.
  • The applicant must actively be seeking out employment and keeping adequate records of all applications placed.
  • The applicant must continue active involvement in any employment programs assigned to them by the state of Tennessee.

Failure to fall under these eligibility requirements at any time while claiming benefits for unemployment may result in the denial or termination of benefits.

There are some select cases in which an applicant is able to maintain eligibility for federal unemployment benefits in Tennessee without falling under some of the requirements listed above. For example, if the employee had to voluntarily leave his or her job due to excessive verbal, physical or mental abuse, unsafe work conditions, the illegal withholding of wages or any degree of sexual harassment, then the applicant may still be eligible to claim unemployment benefits.

It is also important that the applicant follows through on all required actions throughout the period in which he or she is claiming benefits for unemployment. One of the most closely examined unemployment insurance benefits requirements is that the applicant continues to seek out new employment. For this reason, it is vital that the applicant keeps a record of the business name, contact information, and date of when each resume or application was submitted in order to prove that an earnest and ongoing attempt to procure work is at the forefront of the recipient’s regularly occurring tasks. In the event that an applicant is offered suitable work, it is required that the applicant accepts the work and either stops accepting federal unemployment claims, or switches to part-time unemployment benefits. Any change in employment status must be reported immediately.

To file for unemployment benefits claim, you can either choose to do so over the phone or at the state’s official unemployment website.

How much can you expect to receive on unemployment benefits in Tennessee?

The maximum amount of money a recipient can claim on federal unemployment benefits in Tennessee is capped at $275 per week. Still, the amount each applicant may claim varies depending on the amount that he or she earned prior to filing for unemployment insurance coverage in TN. In the state of Tennessee, an applicant’s wages earned over a specified base period is taken into consideration, along with the number of dependents living in the household.

The applicant must have worked at least two calendar quarters of the base period and must have been paid a minimum of $858.00 in wages.