New Hampshire Unemployment Rates Information

Unemployment Rates In New Hampshire

Unemployment rates in New Hampshire have decreased over the past year.

The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate as of February 2014 is 4.7 percent. It has dropped a good amount since February 2013, which was 5.4 percent.

The national unemployment rate is 6.7 percent since December 2013.

Here are the unadjusted unemployment rates for New Hampshire compared at a national scale:

New Hampshire Unemployment Rate:

February 2014: 5.2 percent

January 2014: 5.1 percent

February 2013: 5.9 percent

National Unemployment Rate:

January 2014: 6.6 percent

December 2013: 6.7 percent

January 2013: 7.9 percent

The unemployment rates in New Hampshire and on a national scale have dropped a great amount.

The current number of employed residents in New Hampshire has reached 709,440 people. The number increased by 3,210 from the previous month. It has increased by 5,840 since February 2013. The number of unemployed residents decreased by 1,380 over the month to 35,180.

Stratford town in New Hampshire happens to be one of the town’s with the highest unemployment rate at 8.8 percent, whereas Springfield has the lowest unemployment rate at 1.8 percent.

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