Learn How To Apply For Unemployment Claims With Our Guide

Learn How To Apply For Unemployment Claims With Our Guide

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To file for unemployment in Utah, you need a driver’s license or state ID number, a Social Security Number (SSN), and the dates of employment and company names for each place you worked for in the previous 18 months. Remember that the claim is effective the week that the unemployment EDD application is submitted, but you must continue to fill out a claim for each following week since it may take up to four weeks to receive a response to your initial claim, particularly if there were any issues regarding eligibility.

Filing the weekly claim after you apply for unemployment benefits in UT is required throughout the period compensation is received. It is necessary to continue to file even before the initial claim has been approved so that your eligibility for unemployment remains active.

To learn more about unemployment registration in Utah and the available application methods, take a look at the sections below:

  • How can I sign up for unemployment in Utah?
  • Basic Utah unemployment benefits requirements and after the application process

Utah Unemployment Resources

How can I sign up for unemployment in Utah?

The current options for completing a Utah unemployment EDD application are by phone, online or at a Department of Workforce Services location. Concerning how to apply for unemployment online, you must provide the following information on your online application for unemployment:

  • The names of your employers, their contact information and their business locations
  • Your name, current address, contact information and Social Security or alien identification number
  • Your pay stub information and your ability to work

Once you complete and review these areas, the online application will provide instructions on how to maintain your unemployment claim and benefits. The quickest and easiest way to start unemployment registration is online, but many individuals prefer to go to a physical location. Regarding where to sign up for unemployment in Utah, there are 31 locations available. Then, once you find where to register for unemployment benefits, you may go in person to the office in question and provide the same pieces of information.

Basic Utah Unemployment Benefits Requirements and After the Application Process

Petitioners who apply for unemployment in UT must have received earnings in at least two of the last four quarters. If a claim is filed between January and March, for instance, then the dates requiring documentation would be from October 1st to September 30th of the previous year. The effective date of the claim will be the Sunday of the week the claim is filed unless you earned more during that week than the calculated weekly benefit.

Once you know where to apply for unemployment and you go through the process, your next step is to complete unemployment registration within three weeks of when the claim is submitted.

You will be sent a “Notice of Monetary Determination” which includes information about the earnings reported by all your listed employers, your weekly benefit amount, and the number of weeks you are eligible to receive benefits. The notice may also include information related to eligibility if the claim was denied. Accurately review the notice to make sure that your employer recorded your earnings accurately. If you do not receive this notice, call the Claims Center. The notice will include instructions on what to do if you notice a discrepancy in reported wages.

If you decide to find temporary work after unemployment registration, the hours and pay rate will need to be reported during any week that work is performed. Weekly UT unemployment registration reports will consist of several forms that require entering your Social Security Number, the PIN number you received when signing up, and answers to a series of questions pertaining to your current work status. For example, there will be a chart for you to log any hours worked, including paid training and school attendance, any refusal to work and any gross earnings. The form will also have a space for employer information for any job opportunities you pursued. Make sure to preserve any email correspondence from potential employers while receiving unemployment.

Finally, as a resource, Workforce Services has no match. Online, you are able to perform all of the following actions:

  • File a new claim or reopen a closed claim
  • View weekly benefit payments
  • See why benefits were not distributed for a given week
  • Change your method of receiving payments
  • View the current claim benefits balance
  • Create or change your PIN or password
  • Change your contact information
  • Change your tax information
  • View your total annual payment and tax information