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Utah Unemployment Benefits

Unemployment benefits in Utah are distributed weekly as either direct deposit payments into a checking or savings account or deposited into a U.S. Bank Reliacard. The following sections have information on how to apply, maintain eligibility, start receiving benefits and how to pay taxes on benefits.

Learn more about unemployment benefits with the following topics covered below:

  • How to Claim Unemployment Benefits in Utah
  • How to Maintain Continued Eligibility for Benefits in Utah
  • What are Trade Act Benefits in Utah?
  • How to Record Job Searches in Utah
  • Unemployment Federal Income Taxes in Utah
  • What is the U.S. Bank Reliacard in Utah?
  • Will my retirement or disability income reduce my unemployment benefits in Utah?
  • How to Reopen an Unemployment Claim in Utah

Utah Unemployment Resources

How to Claim Unemployment Benefits in Utah

In order to claim unemployment benefits, applicants will have to complete the application process and follow several ongoing requirements in order to maintain UT unemployment insurance eligibility. Once you apply, within three weeks or sooner, you will receive a “Notice of Monetary Determination”, including the amount of weekly benefits and the total number of weeks they are eligible to be received. This notice also contains information regarding your reported wages. Therefore, in order to prevent losing eligibility, ensure all employer information is reported accurately. Remember, every week a new Utah unemployment benefits claim must be filed with the necessary employment search information in order to continue receiving benefits.

How to Maintain Continued Eligibility for Benefits in Utah

Recipients of unemployment insurance coverage should receive a notice to complete an online eligibility review, which is typically sent after the first three weeks of receiving benefits. To continue claiming benefits for unemployment in UT, the beneficiary must provide a total list of all work search activities performed during the previous weeks, and participation in the Re-employment Services and Eligibility Assessment conducted at an Employment Center. Failure to comply with this process will result in a denial of benefits.

The recipient of federal unemployment benefits may also receive audits which attempt to verify any changes in eligibility status, such as reported wages during employment, current efforts to search for new work, and any current income received after benefit payments start. If the beneficiary’s unemployment benefits have run out, it is still possible to receive extended benefits depending on the situation.  To see if you qualify for an unemployment benefits extension in Utah, speak with your local Claims Center.

Educational assistance is available for those individuals currently claiming benefits for unemployment through programs with the federal government. Also, assistance for trade-related unemployment was granted under the Trade Act program.

What are Trade Act Benefits in Utah?

Federal unemployment benefits, known as Trade Act Benefits, are available to workers who are unemployed due either to foreign imports, or outsourcing to a foreign country. The U.S. Department of Labor approved a petition that determines unemployment insurance eligibility for: Trade Readjustment Allowances, Training allowances, Job-Search Allowances, Relocation Allowances, and Wage subsidies (for anyone over the age of 50 who suffered a pay decrease after being re-employed). Questions about these allowances can be directed toward a Trade Act Specialist.

How to Record Job Searches in Utah

Each week, an applicant who wants to claim unemployment benefits must perform four jobs in order to maintain ongoing benefits for unemployment. He or she will be given a form for recording the details about the job search activities. The review process will verify these contacts to make sure the details are accurate with regards to the method of contact, such as website, application, phone, email or in person. If you apply to different positions within the same organization, each position may count as a separate contact. Make sure to save any correspondence from employers regarding these applications.

Unemployment Federal Income Taxes in Utah

Are unemployment insurance benefits taxed in Utah? Yes. Utah Workforce Services sends out IRS Form 1099-G during the month of January containing the total benefits paid to the recipient over the previous year. When an applicant completes the initial unemployment registration application, there is an option to either have 10 percent of the weekly payment withheld for federal income taxes combined with 5 percent for state income taxes. Withholding status can be changed through the Web or by calling your local Claims Center.

What is the U.S. Bank Reliacard in Utah?

The U.S. Bank Reliacard is a popular option for UT unemployment benefits disbursement and replaces the option for using a personal checking or savings account. The state recommends that the card is kept separate from the PIN and that the PIN is known only by the cardholder. In the event that the card’s PIN is lost, it must be reported even if the unemployment case is closed.

Will my retirement or disability income reduce my unemployment benefits in Utah?

Deductions from weekly unemployment insurance benefits can occur when an applicant is receiving retirement income or disability. Individuals applying for these other kinds of benefits must report them immediately to the Claims Center to avoid denial of unemployment benefits. After notifying the Claims Center, the applicant will receive a letter which reflects the amount of weekly unemployment benefits that will be reduced.

How to Reopen an Unemployment Claim in Utah

If an unemployment benefits claim has been closed because the applicant has found work, or failed to keep up with weekly claims reports, it can be reopened by either logging in to your online account, or calling your assigned Claims Center. The claim will be reopened beginning the Sunday of that week, as long as all work contacts, dates and wages are reported accurately.