Vermont Unemployment Benefits Information

Steps to Claiming Vermont Unemployment Benefits

Knowing how to claim unemployment benefits in Vermont is important to start the claims process. Once the application process has begun, the applicant will be approved or denied. In the event of an approval, the applicant will receive a check or direct deposit of funds. Two weeks after an applicant’s first point of contact with the office, he or she should receive the first benefit funds. An applicant can continue claiming benefits for unemployment each week if he or she is still eligible to do so.

After a VT unemployment benefits claim has been successfully filed, it is up to the department to determine if the applicant is eligible for unemployment assistance or not. The officials will analyze the claim, check in with the previous employer, and determine if they need more information from the applicant. 


Applying for Benefits in Vermont


If the result of the Vermont unemployment benefits claim is undetermined or needs clarification, the applicant will receive a phone call and the fact-finding process will begin. An applicant will not receive any claim benefits throughout the fact-finding process. For the unemployment benefits claim to be successfully approved, it is important to cooperate with the fact-finding process.

The benefits will only be received by the applicant once the process is over and the claim has been approved. For Vermont federal unemployment benefits approval, petitioners are encouraged to give as much information as possible throughout the fact-finding process.

Continued Eligibility for Vermont Unemployment

To continue receiving federal unemployment benefits, an applicant must remain eligible. In order to claim unemployment benefits in Vermont, the applicant must be available for job opportunities and report job contacts made each week. If an unemployment claimant’s benefits year has ended, yet he or she is still unemployed, a new claim can be filed. 

To continue claiming benefits for unemployment in VT, you must call the Vermont Department of Labor to ensure you qualify for a new claim. A benefit year constitutes 52 total weeks from the time the first claim was filed. It is required that you have performed work since the first day of your benefit year start date. You must have also earned four times the salary of your weekly benefit fund amount. is a privately owned website that is not owned or operated by any government agency.