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Learn How To Apply For Unemployment Claims With Our Guide

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To apply for unemployment benefits in West Virginia, the former worker has one option if he or she lives in West Virginia, two options if he or she is living outside of the state. “How can I sign up for unemployment?” where to sign up for unemployment, and other questions that petitioners may have about the process are covered herein. This section discusses the identification, documents, and information to have when applicants file for unemployment.

For more details on the different features of unemployment registration, read the following sections:

  • When and where to register for unemployment benefits in West Virginia
  • Required unemployment registration information in West Virginia
  • The unemployment registration process in West Virginia

West Virginia Unemployment Resources

When and Where to Register for Unemployment Benefits in West Virginia

The  WV unemployment insurance petitioner should file for unemployment benefits as soon as possible after his or her last day of work, or after his or her hours have been reduced to less than full-time work. This is because an unemployment claim is effective the week it is filed. To discover where to apply for unemployment, claimants living in West Virginia should print an online application for unemployment, fill it out, and then bring it in person to the local claims office to file it. Regarding how to apply for unemployment online, the petitioner needs to follow the online prompts to print the application. If the applicant lives outside of West Virginia, he or she can file for an unemployment claim online or by telephone. In either case, his or her employer will be asked to verify certain information the applicant furnishes. The duration of the application process depends on the accuracy of the information submitted.

Required Unemployment Registration Information in West Virginia

For the UI petitioner’s initial West Virginia unemployment EDD application, he or she needs to bring with them:

  1. A Social Security card
  2. Names, addresses, dates worked, and reasons they left for all employers for whom they worked during the last 18 months. They will be required to complete the Initial Unemployment Compensation Application which is available online.
  3. Photo ID, such as a driver’s license or state-issued identification card.
  4. If a union hall member, a valid member card and contact information for the union.
  5. If served in the military, the DD214 Member 4 Copy or certified copy of the Member 2 or 4 form.
  6. If they were separated from the Federal government, the SF-8 form along with proof of wages (pay stubs and/or W-2).
  7. If they were separated from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the SF-8 form and the SF-50 form along with proof of wages (the SF-50 provided by the employer must have an “Official Duty Station” that is a city in West Virginia).
  8. If not a United States citizen, a form issued by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service which contains their ID number, the country that issued the card, and the expiration date.

The Unemployment Registration Process in West Virginia

For the WV unemployment registration process, the former worker will be asked to select a four-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN). The PIN is extremely important because it allows the unemployment insurance claimant to access his or her claim information and permits them to file their weekly claim certifications for benefits. If they forget their PIN, they must authenticate their identity. To further protect their identity, their claim will be assigned a nine-digit alternate identification number called their Claimant Identification Number (CID) which will be used on all correspondence issued by the Agency.

If the claimant is now partially employed after originally being hired full-time, he or she will use an “Initial Claim/Low Earnings Report “(LER) which is provided by the employer. In this case, the unemployment insurance coverage claimant is not required to look for another job or take a job offered by another employer, but they are required to be available for all work their employer has to offer.

There are additional rules and instructions for filing combined wage claims in two or more states, filing interstate unemployment claims, filing for benefits based on federal civilian employment, filing for military benefits, filing a claim if they are not a citizen, filing a claim if they are a school employee or professional athlete, filing for tract ACT/NAFTA benefits, filing a labor dispute claim and filing for disaster unemployment assistance.

The claimant must also notify the Unemployment Compensation office whenever they have a change of address or telephone number. Failure to notify the agency could result in the claimant not receiving, or receiving late, a time-sensitive letter in which failure to respond could result in a denial of benefits.

For the WV file for unemployment, the applicant has the option to receive unemployment insurance benefits through direct deposit rather than electronic payment card. This option must be chosen online and the applicant needs to provide his or her bank routing and bank account information. They must enroll for direct deposit before 4 p.m. Eastern Standard Time for the enrollment to be effective the same day. Not all Credit Unions participate in direct deposit. The applicant is responsible for the accuracy of and the updating of any changes online regarding their bank information. If the claimant decides to terminate direct deposit and begin receiving benefits on the unemployment electronic payment credit card, he or she needs to contact the local office and ask a staff member to change the payment method.