West Virginia Unemployment Eligibility Information

West Virginia Unemployment Insurance Eligibility

Unemployment insurance eligibility in West Virginia is governed by specific rules. Both initial WV eligibility for unemployment and eligibility after the applicant has have been accepted into the West Virginia program are determined by these regulations. The rules involve how you were separated from your work, your ability to work, your availability to work, your continued search for work, and your willingness to accept a job for which you are reasonably qualified.

This section discusses Wwho qualifies for unemployment and answers the question “wWhat are the requirements to get unemployment in West Virginia?” are answered in the following sections.
•    West Virginia sSeparation from work in West Virginia
•    Able to, available to, and applying forJob-seeking requirements for unemployment work in West Virginia
•    Eligibility for EDD West Virginia monetary requirements in West Virginia


West Virginia Separation from Work in West Virginia

As to who qualifies for unemployment in West Virginia, first, the unemployment applicant must first either be totally or partially unemployed as defined in by the law. Qualifications for unemployment in WV are then defined by how the applicant became separated from his or her job. Generally, they he or she must be unemployed through no fault of their own. When an unemployment insurance (UI) petitioner applies for unemployment benefits, he or she is asked to provide a reason for being unemployed. A request for the reason for separation is also sent to the employer (and sometimes to a previous employer). The employer is also asked to verify the claimant’s reason for separation. If there is conflicting information between the claimant and the employer, requests for additional information from either party may be made. During this fact-finding process, benefits will not be paid. However, the former worker still needs to file timely weekly claim certifications (explained on Benefits page) each week during this process. The Denial page will go into more detail on separation from work issues.

Job-seeking Requirements for Unemployment in West VirginiaAble to, Available to, and Applying for Work in West Virginia

For petitioners wondering how to qualify for unemployment in West Virginia, the UI beneficiary must be physically and mentally able to carry out the activities he or she performed in do their previous line of usual work. They Applicants must also be available for work when they are willing to work full-time, make a legitimate effort to find work that they are qualified for, and have nothing preventing them from taking a full-time job such as prior engagements or plans.

With To meet eligibility for unemployment in WV, the former employee must be able to get to and from work and be willing to accept work in the labor market where they he or she lives. In this case, the labor market area is defined as consisting of towns and surrounding areas where people in this occupation would normally travel to work. The unemployment insurance benefits unemployment applicant cannot set restrictions which rule out much of the work in this field. Examples of unreasonable restrictions include insisting on more pay than workers usually receive for this same kind of work in that area, and not being able to work a shift which is considered normal for that occupation.

The claimant for West Virginia eligibility for EDD, the claimant must register with his or her their nearest Job Service/Workforce West Virginia Center or American Job Center network prior to filing for their sixth week of benefits. However there are exceptions to this rule, such as Exceptions to this requirement may be the claimant’s: belonginging to a union hall that has a business agent who looks for works for themhim or her. Furthermore, the petitioner may be; being  partially unemployed and filing with a Low Earnings Report or ;  haveing a verifiable return-to-work date within four weeks of filing the claim. In addition, ; if a candidate for unemployment insurance coverage is enrolled being in a training program approved by the Agency or, and being on jury duty, he or she is exempted from registering. Otherwise, the unemployment claim applicant must also make conduct an active job search to find work. The number of contacts they he or she needs to make depends on their his or her occupation, and the condition of the labor market. As the length of their the recipient’s unemployment increases, he or she they must be willing to expand their search for work. In other words, they applicants may have to consider accepting work outside of their preferred field, and be willing to accept other jobs for which they are qualified. They may also have to be willing to accept a lower wage than they desired when they first became unemployedoffered an opportunity for employment.

Potential leads for employment should be followed up with the employer using their preferred method of application whether that is a resume, email, and/or written application. To maintain For eligibility for unemployment in WV, it is critical that the claimant documents all information pertaining to his or her their search efforts including addresses, position sought, name and title of the employer, date mailed, web addresses, and fax numbers. They Applicants need to save emails or confirmation faxes for their records. The former employee should be prepared to furnish this record should his or her their claim be randomly selected for unemployment insurance eligibility review. 

If the claimant has an expired West Virginia claim, they he or she must re-qualify on a new claim in order to receive unemployment benefits. In order to do this, he or she they must have worked and earned wages at least eight times the weekly benefit amount (explained on Benefits page) onof their previous claim. 

To receive a West Virginia unemployment claim for unemployment insurance eligibility, if if the former worker is not a United States citizen, he or she they must provide documented show proof that he or she they is permitted have permission to work in the U.S. Base period wages for their the applicant’s claim must have been paid while he or she was they were in legal alien status. Other qualifications for unemployment state that Also, they must have had authorization to work in the U.S. at the time they claimed benefits. There are additional rules for filing for partial unemployment, filing combined wage claims in two or more states, filing an interstate claim, filing for military benefits, filing a claim if the applicant is a school employee or a professional athlete, filing for trade ACT/NAFTA benefits, and filing labor dispute claims. Contact the unemployment insurance office for more information regarding your unique case.

Eligibility for EDD West Virginia Monetary Requirements in West Virginia

For To meet eligibility for EDD in WV, the UI beneficiary must have earned sufficient wages in covered unemployment per state or federal unemployment compensation law. In West Virginia, sufficient wages equates to earning $2,200 during their base period (the first four quarters of the last five completed quarters—explained on Benefits page). For example, if the new claim is filed July 30, 2016, the base period is April 1, 2015 through March 31, 2016. In addition, the claimant must have been paid wages in at least two quarters of their base period. 

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