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Unemployment Rates In Maine

The unemployment rates in Maine have decreased over the past few years. The current unemployment rate is 6.2 percent as of January 2014.

The national unemployment rate is 6.7 percent.

The national unemployment rate decreased by three-tenths from November to 6.7 percent in December of 2013.

Here is an example of the fluctuation of unemployment rates when compared nationally and in Maine:

Maine Unemployment Rates:

  • January 2013: 7.0 percent

  • December 2013: 6.4 percent

  • January 2014: 6.2 percent

National Unemployment Rates:

  • January 2013: 7.9 percent

  • December 2013: 6.7 percent

  • January 2014: 6.7 percent

The unemployment rates in Maine and on a national scale have been decreasing. Nonfarm employment has increased with 605,500 people employed on a seasonally adjusted scale in January 2014. One year ago 599,000 were employed on nonfarm jobs on a seasonally adjusted scale.

Here, one can see the counties with the lowest unemployment rates in Maine:

  • Knox City: 6.8 percent

  • York City: 6.7 percent

  • Kennebec City: 6.4 percent

  • Androscoggin City: 6.1 percent

  • Cumberland City: 5.0 percent

All of these counties have low unemployment rates, but the county with the lowest unemployment rate this year is Cumberland City at 5.0 percent.

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*Sources for this information can be found at The Maine Department of Labor Center for Workforce Research and information.

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