Oregon Unemployment Required Documents Information 

What Documents Do I Need to File an Unemployment Claim Oregon

The Unemployment Insurance (UI) provides temporary economic help to individuals who lost their job or whose working hours were reduced and that meet the eligibility requirements. As soon as you lose your job or your working hours are reduced, you may file a claim for unemployment insurance benefits. It is important to review all the requirements and make sure you have the documentation before filing a claim.


In order for you to be eligible for a valid claim, your work and wages during the base period must meet one of the following requirements:

  1. Your total base period wages must be at least one and one half times the wages in the highest quarter in the base period and at least $1000 in wages earned in subject employment (or)
  2. You must have worked 500 hours of subject employment.


Before you file your claim either online or by phone, make sure you have handy:

  • Your Social Security Number
  • Your work history for the last 18 months, including dates of employment, your employers’ business names, addresses and phone numbers
  • Your salary and total income (at least for the last year) from each employer.
  • The reasons why your previous jobs ended
  • If you had previously retired and received a pension payment from any employer you must provide the date you began receiving it
  • If you are not a citizen of the United States, you will need your Alien Registration Number and documentation
  • Phone number where you can be reached during normal business hours


The Unemployment Department of Oregon has multiple ways to audit the truthfulness of all unemployment claims that are filed. Make sure you report your working hours and your earnings correctly, and that all the information you provide while filing your claim is accurate. If you knowingly make a false statement or provide false information to get the benefits, you can be prosecuted and the punishment will be jail, a fine, or both. Additionally, you will have to return any money that was paid to you.

If you have information about a fraudulent claim or any unemployment fraud, please report it. Your information will be kept confidential and your help will be highly appreciated.

Call 1-877-668-3204 or send an email to: https://empportal.emp.state.or.us/.

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