Learn How To Apply For Unemployment Claims With Our Guide

Learn How To Apply For Unemployment Claims With Our Guide

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If you are unemployed and would like to apply for unemployment benefits in Wisconsin, you must first learn about the WI unemployment registration procedure. Unemployment Insurance (UI) is a government program created to provide financial assistance to recently unemployed residents who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own and who need help getting by until they find a new job.

However, the program is temporary, which means that once they file for unemployment benefits, recipients must actively seek work and accept relevant job positions, if offered. Unemployment claims are not a replacement for a steady source of income, and you must be aware of the program requirements before you submit an unemployment EDD application with the Department of Workforce Development in Wisconsin.

You will be able to successfully file for an unemployment claim in WI if you meet all stated eligibility requirements. As a general rule, you must apply for unemployment benefits in your first week of unemployment, and your benefits will be counted as starting on the week in which you submitted your unemployment EDD application.

If you would like to learn where to register for unemployment benefits in Wisconsin and are wondering, “How can I sign up for unemployment insurance?” explore the sections listed below:

  • How to apply for unemployment benefits in Wisconsin
  • What to do after you file for an unemployment claim in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Unemployment Resources

How to Apply for Unemployment Benefits in Wisconsin

If you were found eligible to apply for unemployment benefits in WI, the first step to take is to find out where to apply for unemployment insurance. If you are a first-time claimant in Wisconsin and are wondering where to sign up for unemployment benefits, the Department of Workforce Development has established a convenient internet system through which you can submit an online application for unemployment compensation. Regarding how to apply for unemployment online, you can start by visiting the official Wisconsin UI online system and creating an account. To complete the Wisconsin online application for unemployment benefits, you will need to enter information about yourself and your employers. Then, simply follow the system instructions and submit the application.

Another way to receive unemployment benefits is by phone, by calling claims specialists. To help applicants avoid long waiting times, the department has established special days during which you can call, depending on the last digit of your Social Security Number:

  • If the last digit of your SSN is 0-2, call on Monday.
  • If the last digit of your SSN is 3-6 call on Tuesday.
  • If the last digit of your SSN is 7-9 call on Wednesday.
  • All applicants are free to call on Thursdays and Fridays, but there will be longer waiting times on these days.

What to Do After You File for an Unemployment Claim in Wisconsin

After filing your initial unemployment EDD application in Wisconsin, you must complete some additional tasks. After submitting an online application for unemployment, the Department of Workforce Development requires all applicants to register for work with the WI Job Service. This includes posting a resume on the internet job-seeking system to make yourself visible and available to potential employers. Additionally, those in the process of unemployment registration must participate in reemployment services as required by the DWD, the Division of Employment and Training, and the Division of Unemployment Insurance.

The reemployment activities have been established to help unemployed individuals find a job and become financially independent within a short period of time. Benefit recipients must report their job-seeking activities and results to the department and appropriate divisions. They must also update their online resumes whenever applicable and keep them active so that employers can find them and contact them for work. Finally, applicants are also required to complete an online reemployment services orientation and assessment form to show that they completed the program and to prove to the department that they meet all the necessary qualifications to file for an unemployment claim in Wisconsin.

Recipients are also responsible for reporting any wages earned during their weeks of unemployment, regardless of the source of income. The department expects all candidates under the UI program to be prepared to accept work and to be mentally and physically capable of doing work that pertains to their skills and experience. Failure to comply with the program rules is against the law and may have serious legal consequences.