Learn About Wyoming Unemployment Insurance

Unemployment insurance coverage in Wyoming can help out-of-work individuals provide for themselves and their families until they can find a new job.

Unemployment is temporary, and if an individual wishes to receive it, he or she must meet certain standards. The unemployment program is overseen by the state, and all recipients are required to pay taxes on their benefits. Workers who are unemployed through no fault of their own may file for unemployment once every two weeks for up to 26 weeks at a time. In Wyoming, benefits are administered through the Department of Workforce Services.

Workers are allowed to work part-time while receiving unemployment insurance benefits in Wyoming, as long as they earn less than their weekly benefit amount. Former employees will also be expected to maintain detailed records of their work search efforts in a log and register for work. Since unemployment insurance is intended to be temporary, the state recommends that all recipients attempt to return to work as quickly as possible. If you decline a job that the state considers “suitable,” you will need to explain your reasoning if you wish to continue receiving unemployment.

You may be asked to submit your work search log when you file an unemployment claim. The WY unemployment program is sustained through employer tax dollars, so there is no cost to laborers. However, if your previous employer does not believe that you deserve unemployment, he or she can file an appeal.

As a benefit recipient, you also have the right to file an appeal if the Department of Workforce Services denies your initial unemployment claim. Once the department receives your appeal, you will be scheduled for a hearing, and if the hearing officer rules in your favor, you will receive your unemployment insurance benefits.

When filing for unemployment in WY, you will need to provide honest and accurate information. The state does have the right to audit your claim at any time, even if you are not currently receiving benefits. If the department uncovers any false information, you can be charged with unemployment fraud and forced to repay any benefits you have already received.

Who can get unemployment in Wyoming?

What are the requirements to get unemployment in Wyoming? This is one of the most commonly asked questions, especially by recently unemployed jobseekers.

The qualifications for unemployment in WY, and every other state for that matter, are decided by the state Department of Workforce Services.

Applying for Unemployment Benefits in Wyoming

Do you know where to register for unemployment benefits in Wyoming? If you do not, you are not alone. Many unemployed individuals do not know how or where to apply for unemployment, and at times, information on the internet can be unreliable.

Claiming Your Wyoming Unemployment Benefits

Claiming benefits for unemployment in Wyoming is necessary if you wish to have additional financial support after losing your job. However, many individuals do not know how to claim unemployment benefits correctly, and many workers are disqualified after filing incorrectly.

Appealing Your Unemployment Denial in Wyoming

If you are denied unemployment in Wyoming, it is important to understand your options.  If your claim is denied by the state, you will undoubtedly feel frustrated, confused and angry, but there is a way for you to voice your concerns and the benefits you need.

After receiving your Monetary Determination detailing the reasons you were denied unemployment benefits in WY, you will need to file an unemployment denial appeal.

Learn About Filing for an Unemployment Extension in Wyoming

Do you know how to get an unemployment extension in Wyoming? Most job seekers do not, and unfortunately, there is no way to extend your unemployment benefits past your cutoff date. Virtually every out-of-work individual has pondered the question “How can I extend unemployment in WY?” before, but the last federal unemployment extension program ended in late 2012.